Legacies Recap: 'Stefan and Damon' Help Lizzie Take a Stand Against Hope

The Super Squad’s ongoing attempt to restore Hope’s humanity got real on Thursday’s Legacies — as in, reality TV.

Doing her best Simon Cowell impression, Hope served as the brutally honest judge of Salvatore Idol, a talent competition MG organized to get through to her. Unfortunately, just like the countless votes I placed for Katharine McPhee back in the day, the group’s efforts were for naught. Hope picked apart each contestant one by one — including poor Pedro, whose drawing of Hope was met with the suggestion that he have his fingers cut off.

Not even Cleo, who disguised herself as Landon and read the letter he wrote for Hope before he died, could do the trick. “My wish for you is to have a long, happy life — to do all the things I’ll never get to,” Clandon said. “Wherever you go, remember I’ll always love you. Forever.” Cleo really thought it would work… until Hope reminded Cleo that Landon’s death was ultimately her fault, thus absolving Hope of any personal guilt. Allegedly.

Heck, not even another passionate speech from MG (which always works!) was enough to snap Hope out of her funk. And speaking of snapping, Dark Josie also tried her hand at taking down Hope, threatening to restore her humanity with the snap of a finger. She failed — as D.J. explained, Hope is “basically an Original” at this point — but it did reveal that Hope fears her humanity, as it would mean facing the truth about what she did to Landon. And that’s not nothing.

So, where was Lizzie while all of this was going down? Why, she was busy living out her Wild West fantasies in the therapy box, of course! In this twisted reality, Alaric was jailed for killing Josie, who later turned up very much alive — well, undead. Hope apparently turned Josie into a vampire, forcing Lizzie to drive a stake through her sister’s heart. “Why did you make me go away?” she asked as she was laid to rest. “You were already gone,” Lizzie told her.

In this reality, Lizzie also had an uncle named Rick, one who gifted her with a pair of guns — named Stefan and Damon, naturally — whose bullets were strong enough to take down a tribrid. And take her down she did, after she accepted that her real father’s pacifist ways are what landed him in a coma in the first place. In a nutshell, Lizzie’s journey taught her that trying to “save” Hope was no longer an option. She has to kill her.

On her way out of the therapy box, Lizzie bumped into Josie — who was sent there by Hope, who couldn’t bring herself to kill her — and she made it very clear what she intends to do to everyone’s favorite tribrid. For now, Cleo has decided not to tell anyone about the deadly tree; should she choose to confide in Lizzie, all hell could very well break loose. (You know, that actually sounds like fun.)

Your thoughts on this week’s Legacies? Any theories about the mysterious woman on the other end of Hope’s phone call? Did you enjoy Jed and Kaleb’s side quest against the argus, or do you still refuse to accept that the latter is part-dragon now? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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