Killing Eve’s Konstantin actor admits he ‘definitely didn’t enjoy’ filming tense Villanelle cable car scenes – The Sun

KILLING EVE season three is well underway, with Jodie Comer back in the role of master assassin Villanelle.

Meanwhile Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) has been keeping a close eye on MI6's movements.

The duo reunited in Barcelona in the most recent episode, where Villanelle revealed to her handler that she wouldn't be needing his help because she's now established herself.

However, tension is set to boil over between Villanelle and Konstantin.

Konstantin and Villanelle have had a tumultuous relationship for the past three seasons.

Villanelle is still not completely over the betrayal of her trust in season two – although now with the pair desperately trying to escape The 12, there's no way they can avoid each other.

They have to trust one another in some capacity, but remain also being cautious of the other's movements.

One scene will show how fragmented their relationship is, being set in a cable car in Barcelona.

Speaking about the scene, Kim Bodnia admitted he didn't actually enjoy it, feeling decidedly uneasy with the height.

“In the scene, we need a safe place to talk with nobody listening. It was a feeling of safety together with unsafeness. It was brilliant and it gives the scene a very good energy.''

He continued: “I didn’t enjoy the view, I can definitely say that, but I loved the fact that the writer took the elements and put us up there in the air with a view of Barcelona all around us.”

Konstantin currently remains stuck in London due to the orders of The 12.

He is fighting for control as Villanelle zeroes in on becoming a handler herself.

“When you look into this universe of people that are strong at surviving, it is always fun to see them struggling with it, because it is a fight,” Kim remarked.

The comments follow Jodie Comer’s casting in the BBC’s Talking Heads reboot.

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