Killing Eve season 2 recap: What happened in the last series of Killing Eve?

Killing Eve season three starts tonight (Sunday, April 12) on AMC and BBC America. The brand new episode will then be available for UK viewers to watch at 6am from Monday, April 13 on the BBC iPlayer. Episodes of Killing Eve will then air every Sunday in the US and every Sunday, from April 19 on BBC One. Ahead of the new series. has a full recap of the events of season two.

What happened in the last series of Killing Eve?

The second series of Killing Eve ended on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, which has left fans itching to know what will happen next.

There were so many questions left unanswered – Is Eve (played by Sandra Oh) dead? Is Hugo (Edward Bluemel) alive? Where and what is Villanelle (Jodie Comer) going to do next? Is Nico (Owen McDonnell) ok? And whose side if Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) really on?

There is still time to catch up on the first two seasons of Killing Eve, with both seasons streaming on iPlayer now.

Here is a recap of Killing Eve season two, episode six titled You’re Mine.

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Part 1

At the beginning of the episode, Villanelle said the safeword ‘Gentleman’ after bad boy Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes )revealed that a new client – Raymond ( Adrian Scarborough)– was coming to visit him.

Now, Raymond was a member of the ‘12’ and he was out to kill Villanelle.

Before Eve could react to the safe world, a gunshot was heard in the hallway outside Eve’s hotel room.

Hearts broke across the world when Eve finally made it out in the hallway to see an injured Hugo bleeding on the floor.

Part 2

Eve, trying to the hero, ran to save crazy assassin, Villanelle from Aaron Peel, armed just with a letter opener knife.

Peel worked out that Eve and Villanelle were working together and tried to sweet-talk Villanelle into working for him, promising her ‘everything’ if she killed Eve.

Turned on by the prospect of Villanelle killing Eve, Villanelle convinced Peel that she was going to kill Eve, and in doing so, convinced audiences she would side with the villain.

However, in a shocking twist, Villanelle beheaded Peel right in front of Eve, leaving Eve traumatised.

Eve, furious that Villanelle had killed Peel – when she had been specifically told not to – returned to the hotel to retrieve the recordings and footage they had gathered prior to Peel’s death.

When she returned to the hotel, Hugo’s body was missing from the hallway and the computers in the hotel room were gone.

Eve was then greeted by a smug Carolyn, revealing she had already taken part in the cleanup operation.

Carolyn implied that she knew Villanelle to go rogue and kill Peel and that is why she got Eve to convince Villanelle to work for MI6.

Furious, Eve refused to leave Rome with Carolyn, who could guarantee her safety.

Carolyn also added more fuel to the fire, revealing her son Kenny (Sean Delaney) had helped with the entire clean up operation.

Whether Hugo is alive or dead remains unknown for now, but fingers crossed he survived.

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Part 3

The final 15 minutes of Killing Eve season two was just as intense as the final scenes of season one.

Villanelle found out from her former handler, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), that she had been set up to kill Peel.

Also furious, Villanelle refused to leave Rome without Eve.

However, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) warned Villanelle that if she did not leave Rome, Raymond would kill her.

Ignoring the warnings from Konstantin, Villanelle ventured back into the hotel to retrieve Eve where she was greeted by Raymond.


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Raymond then tried to take down Villanelle, almost strangling her to death leaving viewers certain their favourite assassin was about to die.

In an unexpected twist, Eve arrived on the scene armed with an axe and launched the weapon into Raymond’s shoulder.

With the encouragement of Villanelle, Eve shocked herself, Villanelle, and viewers at home by slaughtering Raymond with the axe.

Eve and Villanelle escaped the scene, hiding in Rome’s sewage system before exiting into one of the cities ruins.

Villanelle was unsurprisingly calm about the situation, whilst Eve was understandably in a state of shock.

Eve snapped back into reality when Villanelle suggested the pair suggested they move to Alaska where they would “be free.”

When Eve refused, Villanelle confessed that she was in love with Eve and Eve made clear that the feelings were not mutual.

As a result, Villanelle’s psychopathic tendencies kicked in and she lashed out at Eve, shooting her, and leaving her body on the ground.

Judging by the trailer for season three and the fact the show has been renewed for a fourth season already, Eve is alive but how Villanelle and her relationship will play out in the brand new series is the question everyone is asking.

Killing Eve will air at 9pm on BBC America and AMC on Sunday, April 12

The series will then begin on BBC iPlayer on Monday, April 13 at 6am.

Episodes will then air every Sunday, beginning Sunday, April 19 at 9pm on BBC One as well as airing every Monday on iPlayer.

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