Killer Women with Piers Morgan: How many episodes are in Piers Morgan Netflix documentary?

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Killer Women with Piers Morgan originally aired on ITV in 2017. Now, season two is available to stream and download in one go on Netflix worldwide. has everything you need to know about the series.

How many episodes are in Killer Women with Piers Morgan?

Killer Women with Piers Morgan sees the broadcaster and journalist travel across the US, meeting some of the country’s most notorious female killers.

Throughout the series, Piers meets with the women face to face and asks them to recount the crime and explain what drove them to kill in the first place.

There are five episodes in total, each instalment is 45 minutes in length.

You can subscribe to Netflix from £5.99 per month to watch Killer Women with Piers Morgan. has a complete breakdown of the episodes and the killer’s Piers spoke to.

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Episode One – Rebecca Fenton

In episode one of Killer Women with Piers Morgan, the Good Morning Britain host meets with convicted murderer Rebecca Fenton.

She was found guilty of first-degree murder of her husband in 2008 on Super Bowl Sunday at their home in Clearwater, Florida.

Fenton maintains she was wrongfully convicted of killing her husband Larry Fenton.

Episode Two – Amber Wright

Piers meets convicted murder, Amber Wright in episode two of Killer Women with Piers Morgan.

Amber was 15-years-old when she took part in the murder of her ex-boyfriend Seath Jackson.

Convicted alongside Amber were Ely Summerfield, Margo Bargo, Justin Soto and Kyle Hooper.

Michael Bargo was sentenced to death for fatally shooting Jackson and he remains on Florida death row.

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Episode Three – Jennifer Mee

Episode three focuses on the shocking story of Jennifer Mee.

Mee, formerly known as the “hiccup girl” after suffering a case of “incurable” hiccups is now incarcerated for murder.

In 2010 she was arrested for first-degree murder in 2010 and in 2013, she was sentenced to life in prison.

The synopsis for the episode reads: “Once known as ‘Hiccup Girl’ due to her unusual affliction, Jennifer Mee is now a convicted murderer, likely to spend the rest of life in prison.”

Episode Four – Ashley Humphrey

Piers speaks to killer Ashley Humphrey at Gadsden Correctional Facility in Florida, about what drove her to commit murder.

Ashley was convicted of killing her husband’s ex-girlfriend Sandee Rozzo and is serving 25 years in prison.

Humphrey’s husband Timothy “Tracey” Humphrey was also convicted of Sandee’s murder.

She was 20-years-old at the time of the brutal killing in 2003.

Ashley discusses with Piers whether she was forced into the killing or whether she came up with the plan herself.

Episode Five – Sheila Davalloo

In episode five, viewers meet killer, Sheila Davalloo at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York State.

Sheila spoke to Piers about the 2002 murder of Anna Lisa Raymundo, for which she will serve 50 years in prison.

However, Sheila’s story comes with a shocking twist.

First, she must finish a 25-year sentence for the attempted murder of her husband.

Furthermore, the only reason she was caught for the murder of Anna Lisa Raymundo was after police arrested her for the attempted murder of her husband.

Killer Women with Piers Morgan is streaming on Netflix now

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