Kenya Barris Dragged Over Biracial Couple in ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ Reboot

The ‘Black-ish’ creator is under fire as Twitter users accuse him of pushing a mixed family again in his upcoming project starring Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union as a couple.

AceShowbizKenya Barris‘ upcoming project has received strong opposition just as it’s begun taking shape. Following the casting of Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union in Disney+’s “Cheaper by the Dozen” movie remake, the prolific writer/producer has been dragged online for featuring a biracial couple instead of a black couple.

Reacting directly to the casting news, one Twitter user wrote alongside a report of the article, “It’s time to file a class action lawsuit against Kenya Barris.” Another pointed out the problem with the project, “Just stop with f**king remakes, stop making it seem as though every relationship must be Black & white. This ain’t f**king unity. It’s pandering.”

A third commenter added, “Like…somebody needs to do a study on this because lord. And it’s not even like they getting creative with it. It’s the same damn black + white/and or bi-racial formula. Like can he come up with something else????”

A fourth one asked, “Now why is it ALWAYS a white man with a black woman when the family is ‘multiracial’.” Another felt “personally attacked by Kenya Barris” for pushing a mixed family in his upcoming project, while someone else offered a way out, “If they’re gonna continue to shove multi racial down our throats could they at least do sumn other than white with black….”

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Barris has not responded to the backlash.

The forthcoming “Cheaper by the Dozen” is described as a reimagining of the family comedy that centers on a multiracial, blended family of 12, navigating a hectic home life while managing their family business. Braff is set to play the father, with Union as the mom.

“I dreamt I married @gabunion and had 12 kids,” Braff celebrated landing the part in the project via Instagram on Thursday, January 28. “It came true!!!! Written by Kenya Barris!!!!! Let’s GO!” Barris added in the comment section, “This is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!”

It is written and produced by “Black-ish” creator Barris, with Gail Lerner on board as director. Shawn Levy and Union will serve as executive producers. The movie is expected to be available to stream sometime in 2022.

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