Kelly Clarkson breaks down in tears after Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren talk about daughter Willa’s emotional adoption – The Sun

KELLY Clarkson was left in tears after the singer Thomas Rhett Akins and his wife, Lauren, retold the emotional story behind their daughter Willa Gray's adoption.

The couple adopted their eldest daughter in May 2017.

Wednesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show made fans – and Kelly herself – emotional after the 30-year-old country singer talked about the adoption process of his daughter, Willa.

Kelly first asked the couple why they decided to adopt before having a baby of their own.

Lauren told the singer: "I had always talked about adoption my whole life. My mom is actually adopted and I just thought it was really cool.

"We talked about it but we had never sat down and had a full adoption conversation. So I was in Uganda in 2016 and I had a picture of one of the babies there and I had shared it on social.

"And when I finally got to FaceTime him that night, I was telling him her story and I was like: 'Babe, we know so many people who are trying to adopt right now and this little girl needs a forever home.'"

She continued: "And I was like, so moved. The second I touched her, it was electric and I was like: 'Oh my word, this girl has just taken my heart.'

"And I was like: 'We gotta find her her forever home and that's why I'm here and it's to get this girl her home.'"

That's when the talk show host interrupted the couple and swatted away her overflowing tears.

She told them: "Oh my god, ok. You totally opened me just now. I did my own makeup and this is not water-proof!"

After Kelly composed herself, she asked them to continue their story.

Thomas Rhett took over for his wife and continued: "When I talked to her on the phone that night and she said that we needed to find her home.

"It was after a concert and I was going to bed and I was like: 'Well, bring her home.'

"I don't fully remember saying it, it was such a spiritual thing, it literally came out of my body. And two weeks later, we were having home assessments and talking to adoption agencies."

The couple finally got to Willa Gray home in May 2017.

Thomas Rhett had previously talked about how he now believes Willa was meant to be their daughter as she connects with them and their love for music so perfectly.

He previously told PEOPLE: "The word 'adopted' doesn’t even make sense in my head anymore really.

"I know that it happened and I remember it very vividly, but it kind of feels like she has just always been here. Even though Willa Gray comes from [a] whole different part of the world, she’s ours and it feels like she never wasn’t."

Surprisingly, Lauren was also pregnant as they tried to adopt Willa and she gave birth to the couple's second daughter – Ada James – just three months after bringing their eldest home.

The couple just had their third daughter – Lennon Love – together in February 2020.

Kelly herself has two kids with husband, Brandon Blackstock and is a stepmom to his two children from a previous relationship.

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