Katy Perry SLAMMED for eliminating Idol contestant Camryn Leigh Smith as she tells Christian singer to ‘explore genres’ – The Sun

KATY Perry is being slammed by fans for eliminating American Idol’s Camryn Leigh Smith after she advised the religious contestant to switch up genres.

The 16-year-old worship leader was given tough love by the 35-year-old judge who sent her home after she sang Christian song Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs.

The ABC show filmed in Hawaii for this week’s episode which cut the Top 40 in half and sent only 20 to the next round of live shows.

After Camryn sang the religious tune, she faced judgement day with Katy, Lionel Richie, 70, and Luke Bryan, 43.

The Roar singer asked the Georgia native what kind of artist she thinks she is.

Camryn responded: “I feel most connected when I sing songs for the Lord.”

Katy then dropped the bad news: “Last night, we were looking for a risk and it felt like you went back into that safe zone of knowing that you are a fantastic worship leader.

“You can kind of do that with your eyes closed. But here at American Idol we've got to see that growth.

“What you have is absolutely God given. Beautiful voice. God has a plan for you but unfortunately it’s not going to be on American Idol anymore.

“I was exactly right where you are but life has changed and perspective has changed and it’s a personal journey,” she concluded.

The Santa Barbara pop star’s parents were both pastor’s and Katy has been very open about her strict religious upbringing growing up.

She revealed in the past she was only allowed to listen to Christian music as a child and even released a gospel album in 2001 titled with her birth name – Katy Hudson.

Fans online SLAMMED the panel and Katy in particular for the “undeserving” elimination:

“When the judges on American Idol don’t let someone continue on because she was worshiping Jesus.

“They kicked her off being a christian artist bc she could “worship with her eyes closed and it didn’t connect with them”. The only reasons they could give her was about her religion,” one viewer tweeted.

Another fired off: “Camryn needs growth? I thought the song choice was fine. Could have felt more emotion but judging on the basis of genre??

“A country singer can be straight based country and not cater to everyone…but Camryn can’t stay with her musical genre??”

“The reasoning that Katy gave for Camryn leaving shows how underrated Gospel is. She shouldn’t have to switch lanes if that’s her thing,” a fan tweeted of the contestant’s genre.

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