Katie Price's boyfriend Carl Woods reveals he'll ask Junior Andre's permission to marry his mum

KATIE Price's boyfriend Carl Woods has revealed he will ask her son Junior Andre for permission to marry his mum.

Car dealer Carl, 31, is desperate to make Katie, 42, his wife and start a family with her, but won't propose before Junior, 15, gives him the green light.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, he said: "When I’m gonna ask Kate to marry me, I will ask Junior’s permission, and that will be important to Junior. I've always said that to him when me and Junior have spoken about it."

The wedding will be Katie's fourth after her marriages to Junior's dad Peter Andre, Alex Reid and Kieran Hayler.

But Carl has no interest in what's happened in the past and promised: "The one thing I will say is it’ll be very different to everything she’s done before, and it will be the final one."

Possibly the biggest difference is that Katie will take on Carl's surname, something she hasn't done with her previous spouses.

Traditionalist Carl said it would be a deal-breaker if she didn't become Katie Woods.

"If she didn't want to take my name, I wouldn't marry her," he explained. "To be fair, Katie has said from the start to me she will be Katie Woods, and that is what works for me."

In the six months the couple have been dating, Carl has grown close to Katie's four children: Harvey, 18, Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six.

And he believes Junior respects him for how he has kept Katie away from her wild alter-ego Jordan.

"He loves it," said Carl. "Me and Junior are really good friends. I think with Junior he’ll sit back and make his own assessment. He sees things you don’t even know he’s seen.

"We’ve spent a lot of time together, and don’t forget me and Junior are on the same wavelength. Junior doesn’t want Kate to be Jordan, and neither do I.

"Me and Junior agree on so many things and when he sees his mum’s changed through being with me, it brings me and Junior closer together. Kate doesn’t drink anymore and Junior sees it, and Kate dresses slight differently, and it’s important for him.

"He’s obviously going to be 16, 17, 18 and then would be the time he’s going to start getting a hard time from his friends about his mum. Me and Junior have got lots of respect for each other."

Like Junior, Katie's eldest son Harvey, 18, has also hit it off with Carl, calling him his best mate.

The teen has Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes sufferers to have an excessive appetite.

It's led to Harvey's weight reaching a worrying 29 stone, leaving Katie fearing he could end up dead if it isn't brought under control.

The mum-of-five recently bought him a pair of 7XL pyjamas and admitted to struggling to find clothes big enough to fit him.

In a bid to combat the weight gain, the couple have converted Carl's garage into a fitness suite for Harvey and are hopeful he will drop pounds by working out alongside them.

Carl said: "You'll never understand it til you see it. Kate is all over Harvey about his diet and exercise. But if he doesn't want to eat you cannot make him.

"She's got a hard job. Believe me, every day she's on at him.

"She won't let him butter her up for more food, but with me he'll tell me he loves me and ask me for a bowl of extra pasta. He's very clever. He's not worked out with me yet that I'm on to him as well. He's very astute.

"It's not an easy life for Kate at all. She would much rather get him to eat healthy but he doesn't want to do it. Do you starve the boy? And cause him problems in that way.

"Kate and I have kitted my garage out with fitness equipment, and it's all for Harvey. He likes to do thing with me and Kate. If he sees us doing that, I think he'll do that with us."

Before meeting Carl, Katie endured a tough year that saw her life spiral out of control.

She turned to cocaine, booze and wild parties as she struggled with her finances, her mum Amy's terminal illness and failed relationships with Kris Boyson and Charles Drury.

After hitting rock bottom, Katie sought help at famous rehab facility The Priory and moved out of her 'mucky mansion', which had been the backdrop to much of her hedonistic antics.

She has now been sober for nearly a year, and Carl is in no doubt that her transformation is permanent.

He said: "I think Kate acted out like Jordan for attention. She don’t need to crave the attention anymore, and I don’t think she feels she has to do that.

"I’m not a yes man, and a I made it abundantly clear that goes. It’s not what I’m looking for in a relationship, that persona. To be with me, it's gone. And she’s done it."

Earlier in the year pictures showing Katie's Sussex mansion in a state of disrepair shocked fans.

But since they've been together Carl insists he's had no problems with mess and says Katie pulls her weight around the house.

He said: "My house is pristine all of the time, but Katie doesn't make it unpristine. She's not a dirty person, she doesn't f**k my house up.

"It's not a mess. My house is still clean and tidy as it was before. If anything I think Kate's more conscious and she's more clean and tidy."

Carl's now looking ahead to having kids of his own, and he and Katie are actively trying for a baby.

They recently returned from a three-week baby making trip to the Maldives, and despite the clamour around their efforts, they're not putting any pressure on themselves.

"In an ideal world I'd like two kids, and Katie would like seven," said Carl. "The maths add up. If I have one and Katie's short with one, it doesn't matter. I'll have one and she'll have to make do with six.

"If me and Kate had a boy first I'd be more comfortable to stop at that, because I'd like my family name to be carried on. If we have a girl, we will most definitely try for a second.

"We're not putting that pressure on it, it will happen when it happens. She's getting old and so am I. I don't want to be any older when I have kids and she should pop her last couple out before she hangs her gloves up."

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