Katie Price slams celebs with autistic children who ‘hide them away and don’t show what they’re like’

KATIE Price has slammed celebrities with autistic children who "hide them away and don’t show what they’re like".

The 42-year-old said she wants to use her status to do good – and hopes her disabled son Harvey will follow in her footsteps.

She told Grazia: "There are other celebrities with kids with autism and stuff, but you don’t really hear about it… there’s a lot of kids with disabilities and they hide away and don’t want to be seen out and don’t like people staring.

"But I’d like to be an ambassador with Harvey to show this and how good it is – it’s not a bad thing to have disabilities and hopefully people can learn.

"Being a celebrity sometimes you can achieve things that are good things – the documentary is one, making online abuse a criminal offence is another good thing.

"So as much as people knock me, they do have to give me credit. I’m not a bad person and I do try and do things for good as well."

Katie recently revealed that Harvey’s weight had soared to 29st and he threw tantrums if refused food. Her goal is for Harvey to live independently and possibly get a job.

They will know if his application into a care home is successful in March.

Katie told The Sun: “Harvey is lucky as I’ve already set up a plus-size clothing firm for him, because he needs income himself.

“I want him to write children’s books in braille because he loves to draw. We’d give a percentage to charity and Harvey can earn money from it.

“I want him to make a song for the NHS. He draws the rainbows so I’ve asked him to do that so he can play it every Thursday when we go outside and clap.

“Harvey is so intelligent. I hope that when people watch the documentary, the trolls see how innocent he is.

“My dream is that Harvey will become an ambassador of children with disabilities.

“It’s so challenging, time-consuming and hard work. I have no help, I’m a carer and a mum. It’s hard for my other children when Harv kicks off — but I still try to spread my time equally between the kids.

“I never want sympathy though we never get credit for what we do as carers. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m so proud of him.”

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