Kate Lawler hires £140-a-day nanny to help with newborn baby Noa's sleepless nights

KATE Lawler has hired a £140-a-day nanny to help with newborn Noa's sleepless nights.

The Virgin Radio presenter, 40, has has kept her fans up to date with her journey into motherhood since welcoming her daughter into the world back in February.

Back in March the star documented one of her many sleepless night with Noa on Instagram.

And just last week she admitted that "sleep deprivation is torture" as she continued to battle through her night feeds.

But Kate and fiancé Martin have decided that enough is enough.

The Big Brother winner told her 328k followers last night: "I'm going to hit the hay soon because our night doula Siobhan is going to be here.

"Every time she comes we promise ourselves we're going to go to bed at 9.30pm and we don't. We go to bed at 11…"

A night doula helps out with anything a mum may need during the night, whether that be changing, settling or putting the baby back to sleep.

The cost of a night nanny varies depending on their experience, what is needed of them and location, but usually a ten hour shift from 9pm to 7am starts from around £140.

It comes after the new mum admitted to suffering from her "hardest day so far" as her baby girl refused to feed.

The Celebrity Coach trip star felt like a "bad parent" because she can't find a routine for her eight-week old daughter.

Kate confessed: "Noa is two months old today. It was also one of the hardest days for us so far.

"She cried constantly. Hardly slept. Feeding was stressful. Both boob and bottle.

"Why is it every time you think you've turned a corner, you have a really bad day?

"She still smiled at us. Made us laugh. But also things really got to me today. The pressure to have a routine and for her to be sleeping more.

"It makes me feel like a bad parent because we aren't there yet."

The TV star explained that she wished motherhood was easier as she continues to adjust to being a first time mum.

Kate continued: "Still wishing I found this job easier and felt happier. Thankfully I have the handsome who has sent me to bed and is staying downstairs with her until 2am.

"I should get some shut eye. Big love to all my fellow new parents out there. If you're smashing it well done. If you're not coping well, stay strong."

The radio DJ welcomed Noa into the world on February 12 2020, after suffering a "complication" with her labour.

Kate went into labour almost two weeks early after her waters broke at 5.45am.

Martin, who she nicknames Boj, took to his social media to share the happy news with the rest of the world.

He wrote: "Hi everyone, sorry for the radio silence, it's been a long day.

"Nuchky is fine, fit and healthy, as is Kate. We had a bit of complication but Nuchky is ok and on the quick mend and will be with us tomorrow, all being good.

"Kate is absolutely pooped so I've left her to sleep and I'm going to try and get some shut eye myself.

"I didn't know how else to tell the news except with these s*** cab selfies but thank you for all of your messages.

"It's been an overwhelming day. I'm glad to see she has about 200,000 aunties ready to march for her if she ever needs help."

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