Kate Chastain From 'Below Deck' Says There Are No Dating Options in Florida

Now that Kate Chastain from Below Deck is back in Florida during the pandemic, she shares that being quarantined doesn’t matter anyway since there are no good dating options in the state.

Chastain shared on Twitter that although she’s quarantined in a beautiful location, the dating pool is pretty empty. “Florida: where there’s no dating options but at least the view is nice,” she tweeted along with a Bravo story.

Chastain moved from Florida to New York City last summer. She just got settled into her new apartment when she decided to return to Florida to ride out the pandemic with her parents. But now that she’s back, she’s maybe reminded why she left in the first place.

Fans agree with Chastain

A few Floridians saw the tweet and agreed. “I lived in Sarasota for 32 years. There are no dating options,” one fan wrote. But added, “But now, I’m in Maine and there are still no dating options.”

Another person shared this cheeky response.” Oh there’s options. Tere are so many ‘Florida man’ headlines. I mean, I know they’re not GOOD options, but…you know…” Plus one person said it’s even slimmer pickings if you are a lesbian. “And the dating pool is even shallower if you’re a lesbian (lived there for 5 years – much better odds in Seattle, WA.”

Chastain has shared a number of gorgeous photos from her view in Florida. “No filter. This waking up early thing is actually quite nice… live on @radioandysxm at 9:00 am,” she shared on a sunrise photo on her Instagram story, Bravo’s Style & Living reports. Photos certainly proved that indeed the view is gorgeous.

Chastain’s dating life: it’s complicated

Chastain infamously hooked up with chef Ben Robinson early in the series. But they later decided they were better off as friends. She then shocked viewers during season four when she shared she’d fallen for a woman. She actually met girlfriend Ro Hernandez in Florida and the relationship quickly heated up.

Hernandez visited Chastain during the season and the couple seemed very happy. However, when Chastain returned to dry land the relationship imploded. She was arrested for domestic battery during a fight with Hernandez. The couple quickly broke up.

In 2019, she told Bravo’s The Daily Dish she was dating someone prior to season six. However, mid-season she knew she was likely going to break it off with the man. “You know, everybody’s great when you first start dating them, and then you like get to know them and then you’re like, ‘Ugh, what a weird one,’” she said.

She ended it (partially) over weird dog art

Why weird? “He had a portrait done of my dog, which was really sweet for my birthday. And then he liked how happy I was with that, so he had a second portrait done of my dog, which I was like, the first portrait was thoughtful, the second portrait was too much,” she said. “I remember exactly where I was. I was in the stew pantry with Josiah [Carter], and I was like, ‘Ooh, I got a text from the guy I’m seeing.’ And it was a photo of my mom holding up the T-shirt with my dog screen-printed.”

But when he arrived to pick her up at the airport, Chastain said he made this relationship-breaking move. “As soon as I got back to Florida, he picked me up from the airport. I’d been gone for six weeks, working. He didn’t park, he’s just doing loops,” she recalled. “That’s weird, you know, like you have six weeks to plan my great homecoming, he can’t even park the car, see?”

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