Judge Extends Jaime King's Temporary Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband Kyle Newman

Amid their contentious split, Jaime King's temporary restraining order against Kyle Newman remains in place.

During a hearing in Los Angeles on Monday, a judge ruled to extend the order until the continued hearing date, which has been set for June 29.

According to court records obtained by PEOPLE, "Pursuant to the stipulation of the parties, Petitioner's Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order is continued to June 29, 2020. Any temporary orders are to remain in full force and effect until the continued hearing date. "

On May 18, King, 41, filed for divorce from the director, 44, after 12 years of marriage. The actress also filed a domestic violence prevention petition and an emergency motion related to child custody and visitation.

Newman also requested an emergency order relating to custody; both were denied by a judge. The couple's sons, James Knight, 6, and Leo Thames, 4, have been staying in Pennsylvania with Newman and will remain there until a future hearing.

In court documents previously obtained by PEOPLE, King claimed Newman was withholding their sons from her. Newman responded with his own series of allegations that King has engaged in reckless behaviors that endangered the children, such as drug and alcohol abuse. (King has denied his allegations.)

A source close to King told PEOPLE last month that while separated from her children, she is staying strong with support from loved ones.

"It's been a difficult time, but she's leaning on friends," the source said. "She's been doing a lot of yoga and meditation."

She also has joined demonstrators decrying police brutality after the killing of George Floyd and said she was arrested at a peaceful protest in Los Angeles on June 2.

King and Newman met on the set of the film Fanboys, which Newman directed. They tied the knot in 2007 at the Greystone Park and Manor in Los Angeles, which also marked site of their first date more than a year prior to the ceremony.

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