Johnny Depp Rumored to Play Joker in ‘Batman Beyond’ Film

Following reports that Michael Keaton may reprise his role in a live-action ‘Batman Beyond’ in addition to appearing in The Flash movie, it’s now reported that Depp may play the main villain in the upcoming film.

AceShowbizJohnny Depp is once again linked to DC movie. The “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” actor is rumored to possibly play the Joker in “Batman Beyond” film, which may be a starring vehicle for Michael Keaton.

According to Mikey Sutton, who is known for his scoops on Hollywood projects, Keaton may reprise his role as the Batman in in a live-action “Batman Beyond” for HBO Max, in addition to appearing in The Flash movie.

“A live-action ‘Batman Beyond’ is being talked about again and this time for HBO Max although no development has begun,” he told YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge. “If they could net Keaton for it, the possibility of this materializing greatly increases.”

He added, “AT&T is quite excited about the commercial and social-media buzz Keaton in ‘Batman Beyond’ could generate for HBO Max. Only time will tell if Keaton is similarly thrilled with the idea.”

Updating on his previous report, Sutton later said that the “Batman Beyond” film could be aimed for a theatrical release rather being a HBO Max exclusive, with Tim Burton possibly directing and Depp as the main villain, Joker. He added that the “Batman Beyond” film would be a live-action adaptation of the “Return of the Joker” film, which was a direct-to-video animated film released in 2000.

In the animated movie, an older Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) trains a college student, Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle), to replace him as Batman. Meanwhile, the Joker (Mark Hamill) has re-emerged as the leader of the Jokerz, a gang inspired by the supervillain Joker, who had mysteriously disappeared for decades following his final battle with the original Batman.

Prior to this scoop about “Batman Beyond”, Depp has been touted as one of fan favorites to play the Joker in Matt Reeves’ new Batman trilogy, which stars Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader. As with the previous speculation, the latest rumor about Depp’s possible involvement in the “Batman Beyond” film should be taken with a grain of salt.

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