John Krasinski Sells His Feel-Good News Show And Steps Away From Hosting

During this time of great uncertainty and stress, The Office star John Krasinski launched a YouTube series called “Some Good News,” which aimed to shine a light on the good in the world. Now, Krasinski has sold the show and he’s stepping away from hosting it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Krasinski has sold Some Good News to GameSpot parent company ViacomCBS. There was said to be a “massive bidding war” to buy the show.

New episodes of Some Good News will premiere on CBS All Access (which is being rebranded this year), and then come to other ViacomCBS platforms later on. Krasinski is leaving his post as host, but he will remain onboard as an executive producer and he will make occasional appearances.

“Could not be more excited and proud to be partnering with CBS/Viacom to be able to bring Some Good News to so many more people!” Krasinski said in a statement. “From the first episode, our goal was to create a news show dedicated entirely to good news. Never did I expect to be joining the ranks of such a historic news organization as CBS.”

Up until now, Krasinski has been funding Some Good News out of his own pocket, though he has worked with corporate sponsors as well. For example, Krasinski–who hails from Boston, Massachusetts–partnered with the Boston Red Sox to give away baseball tickets.

According to THR, Krasinski did not always intend to sell Some Good News, though the report does not say why he changed his mind. The eighth episode of Some Good News aired on May 17, and in it, Krasinski alluded to the sale, saying he was planning to take a break.

Some Good News featured some incredibly heartwarming and special episodes, including a mini Office reunion with Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer and a Hamilton performance featuring the original cast.

You can also check out GameSpot’s feel-good news show, Good News Gaming. You can watch the latest episode embedded above, and keep checking back with GameSpot for more.

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