Joey Essex's ex Brenda reveals they had sex every day & he loved her 'bum-bum'

THEIR whirlwind romance lasted only five months, but Joey Essex’s ex Brenda Santos has confessed they made the time count by having sex at least once a day.

The 21-year-old Brazilian model told how reality king Joey fell for her curves and sexy “bum-bum”.

She added: “We would have sex every day. Sometimes we would do it many times a day, depending on the mood.

“He was giving and generous in bed. Joey said he loved my body, especially my ‘bum-bum’ as you say in Brazil.

“It was intense and memorable. He’s a very passionate person, like myself.”

Former Towie fave Joey, 30, once claimed he could not tell the time and thought Russia bordered Wales — but Brenda said it was all an act.

She insisted: “Joey is very clever. He pretends to be silly, it’s his job.

“When you talk to him and you get to know him, he’s very intelligent. He is also very business minded. That’s one of things I liked about him.”

The couple were introduced through friends and started dating in May — soon after Joey split from Mexican model Lorena Medina, 28, amid rows over his sleepover at party pal Rita Ora’s pad.

Brenda recalled: “I didn’t have a clue who he was, which he quite liked.

“We had a great chemistry. From the beginning there was a real ­physical connection between us. I felt the energy and we just let go.”

After heading back to Joey’s mansion in Chigwell, Essex, the pair kissed and the reality star begged Brenda to stay the night, but she declined.

She said: “Joey was pleading with me to stay, but I just said I needed to go home.

“I don’t think he’s used to girls saying no to him.”

Joey wooed her further with a three-day luxury trip to Ibiza in July, where the couple were pictured in a passionate embrace on the beach.

She added: “I laughed when I saw the pictures of him playfully grabbing my bottom. He’s so cheeky.

“He kept saying I was beautiful all the time.”

Despite the passion, the pair rowed and eventually split in September. Brenda has now sworn off British men — believing they are too emotionally closed.

She said: “I’d give Joey eight out of ten. He’s a beautiful, attractive man — very sexy, but not a ten.

“Men in England are totally different to Brazil. They need to have more fire.

“English boys are quite restrained. But they get angry, which can be confusing. So many times I had that with Joey.

“He would be angry and very closed, but he wouldn’t tell me why he would be angry with me.


“It would often be over simple things. My friends would have to explain to me that British men can be like this, then I started to understand their way. I think it’s a cultural difference.

“I don’t just want beauty in a man, though I want someone who is intelligent now.”

Brenda added: “His house is beautiful and very big. He’s got an outside pool and gym and a beautiful garden. It’s an amazing place.

“Because neither of us was working, because of lockdown, we’d spend our days making faces at each other and cuddling watching TV while spoon-feeding each other his favourite Häagen-Dazs strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

“Joey loves action movies, especially Scarface starring Al Pacino.”

While Brenda loved living with Joey, enjoying cosy nights in together, she realised that he wanted to settle down and have kids — something she is not ready for. Seven years ago, Joey popped the question to then-girlfriend Sam Faiers.

Brenda said: “He talked to me about kids and marriage a lot, but I’m too young to think about marriage. I am very active and I always need to be doing something.

“He feels ready — he’s 30, it’s a good age for him.”


Brenda, who hails for the Brazil’s capital Brasilia but lives in central London, branded Joey’s native county of Essex dull.

She said: “Essex is not the place for me. It’s fine if your friends and family are from there, but for me it was too different from Brazil and London.

“There was nothing to do and it was a little bit boring. It was not good for me, actually.”

And the cracks in their relationship began to spread. While Joey paid for Brenda’s Ibiza holiday she laughs about a time he rowed with her over a £20 towel. The former club promoter, who starred in 2013’s I’m A Celebrity and filmed two series of Educating Joey Essex, is now estimated to be worth £7million.

But Brenda said: “I remember the row over a towel in a shopping centre. He was buying some for his house and I added another one worth £20 to the basket but he refused to buy it for me.

“It was a silly thing to row about — even quite funny, looking back. But it was a sign.” Brenda also revealed that they had bust-ups over Joey wanting to hang out with his mates.

She said: “I won’t change for anyone. When he was home, Joey wanted to see his friends and we’d start fighting.

“If Joey ever got too big headed or we’d start fighting. I’d say, ‘Who do you think you are?’ — because I’m from Brazil and don’t know him as a TV celebrity, just as Joey.

The couple eventually went their separate ways when the rows got too much. Brenda added: “When you cannot feel the fire of the relationship, you cannot stay together.

“He has to be 100 per cent like me. It got too crazy in the end. We both sat down and said it wasn’t working.

“I said our relationship was not healthy and wasn’t going to be good.

“We come from different lives, different cultures. We both deleted our pictures on social media. It’s normal. My focus is on my work.

“I’ll always love Joey as a special friend and will never forget the time we spent together.

“I just hope he finds the right girl who will make him happy, He deserves it.”
Brenda has since gone back to Brazil for a while to see her family and friends but she plans to return to the UK with a “fresh head”.

Meanwhile, Joey is looking for love again on E4 reality show Celebs Go Dating. Speaking before Christmas he said: “It’s going to be naughty.”

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