Joe Wicks’ ‘hot’ model wife Rosie wins over fans as she takes over his workout who demand they become double act – The Sun

JOE Wicks fans want him to become a double act with his model wife Rosie Jones after she impressed when stepping in for today's workout.

The 33-year-old Body Coach star told fans on Saturday that Rosie, 28, will be taking over on his YouTube channel after his hand flared up following a cycling accident.

And it appears mum-of-two went down a treat with viewers, with the video receiving an impressive 207,749 live streams before it had even started.

Taking to the comments section, one fan gushed: "Rosie should carry on your be a great doube act doing ths going forward… #PEWithJoe."

"A viewer said: Well done Rosie! I think you should keep her on permanently Joe!"

Another said: "Gooooooooooo Rosie! So inspiring to see a woman do these exercises. Very motivational."

A fourth added: "Rosie is absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful lady! And what a wonderful family you have Joe, best wishes."

The video, which is title is PE With Joe (and Rosie), has since gone on to receive 793,400 views – when his workouts normally get around 500,000 people tuning in.

Underneath the clip, Joe explained: "I've had to call in a supply teacher for Monday's PE With Joe.

"It's my beautiful wife Rosie and she's kindly agreed to come on the live stream with me to demonstrate the moves as I really need to rest my hand for a few days now I've had the wires removed."

Earlier today, Joe showed off his injured hand on Good Morning Britain today as his Rosie got ready to take over his PE Lessons.

The star appeared in a suit and a sling today, after he broke his wrist riding his bike and was forced to spend a night in hospital on Friday.

And Rosie, who had a baby four months ago, and was looking great in her workout gear as she admitted being "nervous" ahead of her first session at 9am.

Joe teased young viewers that he even had a note from his mum to say why he had to miss the PE lesson today.

He said: "Just to prove to you this is an open wound so doctors have said I can't be jumping around.

"And I have got a note saying 'Joe is unable to do PE today because I forgot to wash his PE kit. He was also bitten by a dragon on Friday."

The nation's PE teacher revealed the extent of his surgery after he hurt his left hand while cycling two weeks ago and the cut got infected.

He said: "I had two wires put in, I've been doing PE with Joe two weeks no problem. On Friday I had a flare up.

"I text Rosie and said I don't think I can do this on my own. She said she would help which is amazing, in fitness and in health!"

The fitness expert said he was proud to reveal he has raised an impressive £200,000 from the lessons and hopes to raise more than half a million in total for the NHS.

And the dad-of-two thanked everyone who took care of him in hospital, from the doctors to hospital porters.

He said he wasn't afraid to be in hospital amid the coronavirus crisis: "They're putting good things in place, even the cleaners, the people that are cooking the food, the guy who pushed me into my surgery. All these people are going into hospital that are taking care of us."

Joe said he was bringing in the "hottest substitute teacher ever" to show us all how to do the moves.

He said the 28-year-old model would be taking over from the next session, saying: "I really need to let the hand rest."

Joe was still in hospital this afternoon as he recovers from surgery on his infected hand, posting footage of him tucking into an NHS baked potato as he explained he would be staying in for another night.

The star claimed hosting the show would put stunning Rosie "totally out of her comfort zone", but reassured her he would still be masterminding the sessions and popping up on camera while she did the exercises.

Posting on Instagram, he wrote: "I’ve had to call in a supply teacher for Monday’s #pewithjoe 👩🏼‍🏫😍 It’s my beautiful wife Rosie ☺️.

"She’s kindly agreed to come on the live stream with me to demonstrate the moves as I really need to let the hand rest for a few days now I’ve had the wires removed.

"It’s totally out of her comfort zone so I’ve got so much love and respect for her right now.

"She’s always there for me when I need her the most and she knows how much it means to me that I don’t let anyone down with these daily workouts.

"I’ll still be leading the session and coaching you all but Rosie will be demonstrating the exercises for you. Let’s wish her good luck on her debut PE class 🌏❤️."

Joe and Rosie, an English glamour model and former Page 3 girl, started dating Joe in 2016 and the couple married in June last year.

He has been posting regular updates from hospital, today explaining his surgery for a persistent injury on his hand that had flared up had been a success.

He said: "Surgery complete. Wires all out. Infection cleaned up. They gave me a general anaesthetic which was awesome so didn't feel a thing and was sparko."

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