Joe Exotic of 'Tiger King' Still Has His Wild Music Videos on YouTube

No other true-crime series is getting as much buzz on Netflix lately than Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. Millions of quarantined viewers delved into this morbidly fascinating look exploring big cat enthusiasts who run private zoos throughout America. The central focus is on the rivalry between “Joe Exotic” (Joseph Maldonado-Passage) and Carole Baskin, owners of exotic wild animal parks in Oklahoma and Florida, respectively.

All attention is on Joe Exotic, however, who is now in prison for conspiring to kill Baskin due to the latter trying for years to shut down Maldonado-Passage’s zoo.

The latter is almost like a caricature in the series, inspiring the curious to go back and dig up his old digital footprints. It turns out those music videos featured in the series are available on his old YouTube channel, where he once tried finding fame as a country singer.

Joe Exotic’s YouTube Channel for the curious

One could argue Maldonado-Passage will end up having a movie biopic made about him soon considering his unique persona.

Recently, Elite Daily found Maldonado-Passage’s old YouTube channel, which somehow still exists. Despite being convicted to 22 years in prison last year, he appears to be getting millions of views on his YouTube Channel as an income generator.

Whatever one thinks of that ethically, a few music videos he made there are beyond the pale. While the Tiger King documentary does focus a bit on his singer-songwriter endeavors, watching the videos might offer more than a few chills.

For true-crime purists, one particular music video may intrigue based on the stunning zoo rivalry between Maldonado-Passage and Baskin.

The unbelievable music videos on JoeExoticTV

If fans visit JoeExoticTV on YouTube, more than music videos are found there. Maldonado-Passage posted numerous videos defending his zoo and showcasing the general craziness going on around his property. He even documented his political aspirations, including running for President.

When watching Maldonado-Passage, everyone can see how effective of a salesman he was. The things he and his team did in his exotic zoo were often jaw-dropping if also angering wild animal activists. Delving into the music videos allows viewers to look into the real mindset of the man.

An eerie music video he made called Here Kitty Kitty is just one example. What sounds like a harmless satiric country music video becomes much larger since the video focuses on Baskin. Many media outlets have explored the rumors she killed her own husband and fed his corpse to the tigers on her Florida-based big cat sanctuary.

Maldonado-Passage played this to the hilt in his video, offering a dark taste of his pursuit of getting back at Baskin. Not that he stopped there with creating music videos with seeming hidden messages.

Some of Joe Exotic’s music videos may bring divided opinion

Another music video called Pretty Woman Lover is catchy country, but tries to make it look like he was a ladies man. Maldonado-Passage is openly gay, making the video all the more ironic.

Not all his videos were made to push everyone’s buttons. Some of them seemed to have good intentions, including one called I Saw a Tiger. This was a slow country ballad made to raise money to fight against tiger poaching in China.

Some will say videos like this were a worthy endeavor, making the portrait of Maldonado-Passage all the more complex as a Netflix subject. Now with him demanding a pardon from the President while in prison, it makes the mind reel on what might happen next.

Finding fame while in prison can sometimes bring unpredictable outcomes. Whatever happens next, the “gay, gun-toting cowboy with a mullet” is now a celebrity as he wanted. If he can prove in a $94 million lawsuit the federal government falsely imprisoned him, he might end up being one of the most controversial notables in America.

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