JLo and ARod tour $70K-a-month beachfront Malibu mansion as they ‘seek luxe summer home’ – The Sun

JENNIFER Lopez and Alex Rodriguez toured a $70K-a-month beachfront Malibu mansion as they 'seek luxe summer home.'

The couple has been quarantined in Miami with their respective kids amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jennifer, 50, and Alex, 44, were spotted touring a Malibu home with three bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The two have been "looking for a summer house to rent in the area," the Daily Mail reported.

The home they were looking at specifically had three different balconies on each floor and blue-tinted glass which faced the ocean, which was only steps away from the backdoor.

The couple showed up to the viewing in matching black outfits and white sneakers.

Unlike ARod, JLo didn't wear a face mask, but showed off her toned abs and fit legs in a crop top and black leggings.

The two got into their white Bentley once they were done with the viewing.

JLo and ARod have been quarantined in Miami for the last couple of months as they waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to dissipate.

The Miami home has a huge pool in the backyard, where Jennifer once jumped into fully-clothed, an outdoor entertainment room, and stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that give a view of the backyard.

The backyard is also the setting where the family works out together.

The front of the home is definitely more private with a tinted front door and barely any windows that look into the home.

In one part of the house, the whole back wall can be opened to let fresh air into the massive kitchen, living room, and dining table which fits up to eight people.

The outside is also minimally decorated with a few flower pots and manicured bushes.

The home also has several entertainment centers where the family of six can sit down and watch Jennifer's World of Dance.

The outside entertainment center can also double as living space and even an office to host meetings or potentially plan for their postponed wedding.

Another stunning entertainment center features black leather couches, teal-colored walls, and six screens which amplify the image of whatever movie the family is watching.

Back in May, the dancer and singer revealed she was "heartbroken" after having to postpone her wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jennifer tuned into the Today show on Tuesday and revealed her feelings behind her canceled wedding.

She told Hoda Kotb, who is also planning on getting married: "Nobody knows, there's no planning right now.

"You just have to wait and see how this all plays out and it's disappointing on one level.

"After the Super Bowl and after we finished filming World of Dance, I planned to take time off, which is what we're doing right now, kinda."

She continued: "But at the same time, we had a lot of plans for this summer and this year but everything kinda on hold right now."

Hoda then asked the dancer and singer if she felt heartbroken or had simply accepted the fact that she had to move her wedding date.

The mother of two told her: "I'm a little heartbroken because we had some great plans but I'm also like 'You know what, God has a bigger plan' and so we have to wait and see.

"Maybe it's going to be better, I have to believe that it will be."

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