Jessa Duggar slammed by fans for not properly strapping her sons Spurgeon, 5, & Henry, 4, in their car seats during ride

FANS were appalled by Jessa Duggar's incorrect car seat methods, as she shared a video driving to the airport with her three small children.

The Counting On star and her husband have been criticized by fans for their parenting methods in the past.

Jessa, 28, took to her Youtube profile to upload a new video advising her followers with "7 tips" for "flying with kids."

The reality star detailed her suggestions while on a trip to Florida for a friend's wedding, as she brought all three tots, Spurgeon, 5, Henry, 4, and Ivy, 1, along for the ride.

After the opening clip of the video, the TLC star recorded her family as they were headed to the airport, turning around from the front seat to show her three children arranged in their car seats.

"Here we are, going to the airport," she announced, "you guys excited?"

Fans, however, did not share in the enthusiasm, as many noticed the improper assembly of the children's car seats.

The disgruntled followers took to Reddit to express their frustration over the incorrect display.

One, in particular, made sure to note the exact grievances with Jessa's method, explaining "for the non-parents"that the kid's "chest clip" was "too low", the straps were "coming out from beneath the shoulders", and the "headrest was too low."

The concerned parent explained that the "twist in the strap" could cause a problem and that they were "potentially too loose."

Others simply trolled the parents for not being more in tuned with child car safety, writing: "You'd think she'd know how to properly secure a kid in a carseat by now."

"Sharing a photo of your kids in their car seat is always a brave move," another admitted while a fourth speculated: "It really looks to me like Henry has outgrown that seat."

"It's just laziness. That's what's so annoying. I have four kids, all in car seats, and I check them all regularly to make sure they haven't grown/everyone is buckled right," a fifth attacked.

A final roasted the entire Duggar family's lack of knowledge on the topic, writing: "They are so bad at car seats. Every single one of them.

"You can go all the way back to the earliest discovery health specials and see it then. Totally drives me insane, parents misusing car seats is a huge trigger for me.

"This is also an issue on 16 and pregnant and just….social media in general," they confessed.

Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald have faced public backlash for many of their parenting practices.

In February fans heavily disagreed with the fact that the father taught his young children that "God made the beach."

During a Youtube vlog of the family's sea-side vacation, Ben asked his kids: “God made the beach, did you know that?”

Critics took to Instagram to counter the couple's beliefs, as several expressed that: “Science tells us that tides are a result of the gravitational pull from the sun & the moon."

Others felt like the siblings would be "brainwashed" by their parents, and should be "taught science as well."

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