Jana Duggar would ditch home and 'go to the ends of the earth' for future husband as fans think she's secretly dating

JANA Duggar has admitted she would follow the love of her life "to the end of the world."

The 30-year-old reality star is the eldest of-age Duggar daughter not to be married, and previously had spoken about wanting to find a husband who lived in Arkansas.

But Jana has now revealed her priorities have changed, especially as she realized she enjoyed the freedom to travel.

In an exclusive clip for People, Jana said: "I used to be a little more strict, I wanted to find someone who would move or is from here.

"But as time goes on, I have found I love to travel more than I thought I did, so if I really loved a guy, I would follow him to the ends of the earth and go where he is."

She added: "So far, I just haven't found that one but when he comes, he doesn't have to stay in Arkansas. I just have to love you so much I will go with you."

Jana has famously not yet wed, a rarity in fundamental Baptist circles, and fans are keen to see her settle down.

An upcoming episode of the popular TLC show has teased a new courtship, further adding to speculation.

Fans have long speculated that a romance might be bubbling for single Jana and fellow reality star Lawson Bates after he left her a heart-filled flirty comment online.

Rumors of a possible romance between the two stars began earlier this year after she visited him in a fun weekend getaway.

Jim Bob and Michelle's eldest daughter then posted a cute new photo of herself wearing a flowy dress and jean jacket, smiling, and holding up a sign that read: “Please form single line.”

The plaque also had an arrow pointing down, and she held it above her head to note that all singletons should start lining up for her.

Bringing Up Bates’ Lawson quickly saw the invitation and wanted to make sure he understood it correctly.

He left a flirty response, writing: “Post objective / instruction unclear: pls explain further 😂💭.”

Jana, the twin sister of John David, is close to her sister-in-law Abbie, and in another clip for the episode of Counting On, Abbie admits she can relate to Jana as she was the eldest sibling left in her house unmarried before she met John David.

Jana added:"I feel like these days one of the most common questions is 'am I in a relationship?'

Sometimes it gets old – 'no I am not' -and sometimes I think, it's not the only thing in the world to talk about!"

"As for now, I get to do a lot of different things," she shared, before admitting: "I wouldn't mind it, there are moments when all the different couples hang out and I think 'oh yeah I dont have anyone.'"

Jana recently shared that she feels “a little more pressure” to find a husband because all of her adult sisters — Joy-Anna, 22, Jinger, 26, Jessa, 27, and Jill, 29 — are married, and she’s the only single one left.

Though a “number of guys” have previously courted Jana, she never shared their identities because they never worked out.

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