Jackass Star Attacked by Shark in TV Stunt Gone Wrong

Sean ‘Poopies’ Mcinerney has been left with an injured arm after the stuntman was bitten by a shark during the filming of Discovery’s TV special for ‘Shark Week’.

AceShowbiz -New “Jackass” star Sean “Poopies” Mcinerney was bitten by a shark while filming a series of stunts at sea for Discovery’s annual celebration of the predator fish.

The “Jackass” team filmed a TV special for the channel’s “Shark Week“, during which they carried out a string of tasks “in the name of science,” orchestrated by the group’s leader, Johnny Knoxville.

“Jackass” regulars Chris Pontius and Steve-O performed stunts that included playing “matador” to a group of bull sharks and testing the big fishes’ sense of smell up close, but newcomer Poopies really put his safety on the line as he attempted to jump over shark-infested waters on a wakeboard.

He failed and ended up splashing into the sea, where he was immediately attacked by a shark, as safety experts dived in to save him.

Poopies was left with a nasty bite to his left arm and was caught on camera trying to stop the bleeding underwater when the TV special aired in America on Sunday night (11Jul21).

Appearing on Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis‘ podcast “Hawk vs. Wolf“, sporting a bandaged left arm, Poopies said, “This is the Poopies’ debut… We went to Florida for two days and the Bahamas for two days and, dude, it was so sick – I was swimming with bull sharks with chum dumped on me…”

“I was so scared… There’s bubbles and then all of a sudden the mask clears up and you go, ‘Woah…!’ The current’s taking me down with the sharks and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is not happening.’ “

He added, “(Jumping the sharks) was the gnarliest thing… We set up the ramp… I was supposed to land it… I didn’t see the sharks…”

“It was 6.30pm, dark, cloudy… I was like, ‘Let’s just get this over with…!’ I jump and then I go, ‘Oh my God!’ I look down and I see the sharks… It was all wrong… All of a sudden I got attacked. I got sunk… A shark grabbed my hand… I felt it bite me but I was just worried about the shark not taking my hand off… so I let it have the arm… As a surfer, you know you don’t wanna mess with those teeth… And then it freakin’ let go.”

Poopies then looked at his hand as he was swimming to the safety of a boat and recalls, “It was like this, my hand’s dangling… That was the worst… I had people all over me.”

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