Jack Tweed reveals he's desperate to see Jade Goody's kids because 'he brought them up'

JACK Tweed has revealed he's desperate to see Jade Goody's kids more because "he brought them up".

Jack, 33, admits he misses Jade’s sons Bobby 17, and Freddie, 16 – and even wishes they were his own children.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, he says he felt betrayed by their dad Jeff Brazier when he was cut out their lives after Jade died 12 years ago.

“I’m not disrespecting Jeff or anything – but when Jade died, he was the hero and I was the villain,” Jack says.

“But I brought the boys up. All the boys’ life and memories of Jade are with me.

“But obviously I'm not their real dad, so I didn't expect Jeff to do anything different – I was getting myself in to trouble, so it’s probably the right decision Jeff made.”

Jack admits that he still thinks about what might have happened if he and Jade had become parents.

The couple suffered their own heart-breaking baby loss after a miscarriage, months before Jade was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

“She was pregnant and we were going to have a kid. We lost the baby. “I do wonder what my life will be like now.

“And I do always wonder what my life would have been right now with the boys – I wish those boys were mine,” Jack admits.

“I brought them up until Jade died and I gave them £400,000 from my cut of our wedding deal for their education.

“I would have done anything for them – and I still would.

“I still talk to Bobby and Freddie, but I'm not involved in their life as much as I would like to be. I wish I could see them every day.”

He explained: “We always bump into each other at the grave and stay there for a couple of hours and have a chat.

“I’m happy they’re older now and they can make their own decisions and I hope they want to see me more now.”

In a couple of weeks, Jack will pay tribute to his wife all over again on 22nd March, the anniversary of her death.

Jade passed away on Mother’s Day 2009 after a brutal battle with cancer.

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