Jack Fincham says he's 'devastated' after brand new £35k Mercedes is written off by crash in pub car park

JACK Fincham says he is "devastated" after his brand new £35,000 Mercedes is written off by a crash in a pub car park.

The Love Island star, 29, joked he has "no luck" with vehicles as this is his second crash in two months.

Jack was out with his girlfriend Connie O'Hara, 25, at an upmarket pub and restaurant in Wilmington, Kent, when the incident happened.

Speaking to his fans on Instagram, he said: "The day I've had… pulling into a car park to have something to eat, a Caesar salad in case anyone is interested.

"A car ploughed straight into my car as I indicated to go in there. I do not have any luck with cars, I'm devastated. It's a brand new car as well, I'm devasted!"

He later added: "Thankfully no one was injured. It's just a bit of metal at the end of the day, isn't it?

"It's all being dealt with by the police and insurance companies. I'm just upset about the car, it's such a shame, people need to slow down on that road. People do turn right. I'm devastated, absolutely devastated."

Witnesses yesterday told The Sun driver Jack and Connie escaped unhurt but looked “shaken up” after the heavy prang in his £35,000 Mercedes CLA.

Paramedics arrived and one person in the other car was treated at the scene before being taken to hospital. The injuries were not life-threatening.

Jack’s motor was damaged, including its bumper, and it had to be towed away.

The Chrysler involved was also badly damaged.

One witness told The Sun: “It looked serious. There was a fair bit of damage. Everybody involved looked shocked and shaken.

“Jack looked stunned at what happened. It’s a nice car and no doubt it’s caused an awful lot of damage.

“It’s going to cost quite a lot of money to repair that.” Police were called and breathalysed Jack, who passed the test. Locals went outside to make sure everybody was OK.

In August, The Love Island star allegedly crashed into the back of a parked Merc outside his local pub in Chislehurst, South East London, after being told to leave.

The source added: “He’s not been having much luck with cars lately. But it’s clear Jack was not at fault for this latest crash at all.”

It is believed that he and Connie went for their lunch when the situation had been resolved.

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