‘It’s difficult for Zara’ Mike Tindall reveals wife’s struggles as he homeschools Mia

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Zara Tindall’s husband joined the hosts of Good Morning Britain to reveal what they have been up to during the lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus and what he thinks about sending his six-year-old daughter to school. Hosts Ben and Charlotte were particularly keen to find out who had been stepping up as teacher to homeschool Mia.

Ben asked: “And how about homeschooling Mike? I’m assuming you let Zara do most of the hard yards.”

“Well, it’s difficult for Zara at the moment because she doesn’t really know what is happening around her sporting events and equestrian coming back,” Mike began.

“They are hoping they can get some events put in at the end of the year but you just don’t know.

“I think Burley was cancelled the other day so it makes it very difficult.


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“But she’s got to keep the horses in condition so she’s still working most of the day so that allows me to fall on the homeschooling.

“Zara picks stuff up in the afternoon and then I’ve got the morning shift.”

Charlotte jumped in to ask: “So how are you finding that then? I have a five-year-old and Mia is six, isn’t she, and they can be quite challenging at that age.”

“Yeah, the first week to be fair was brilliant,” Mike revealed.

“The first week and a half because it’s a different environment, she was excited to be at home but then once that affect has worn off and it’s just her dad teaching her, you know, yeah whatever.

“She knows that she can just walk outside or turn the TV on in the other room so yeah, it comes with its challenges.

“She’s been pretty good to be fair.”

Speaking of how young daughter Mia feels about returning to school, Mike revealed: “She has heard the talk about going back to school and suddenly she’s excited, thinking she’s walking back into the environment she left.

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“It’s obviously not going to be that way. She’s so excited to get back.

“Depending on what the government do, I see they’re still keen to re-open on June 1 and if they do, then Mia will go back.”

Asked if he was nervous about her returning to classes, Mike explained: “I’m more looking forward.

“We have to steer our way out of this. And you look at the rate – I understand regions are different – but the South West is very low.


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“I’m not too worried about it. Obviously, we’re still following government guidelines and the school has been brilliant in getting prepared for the children to go back.

“So, you sort of put your trust in that. Ultimately, we have to move forward and getting those cogs moving – and this is one part of it.”

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