Is Phil Mitchell leaving EastEnders?

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden)’s fate is currently hanging in the balance in EastEnders after he handed himself into the police over his part in the boat crash which led to Dennis’ death.

Last weekend left things on a cliffhanger for Phil as he returned to Walford in the wake of Dennis’ funeral, following the tragic events of last month.

All of which set off a chain of events which saw him heading for the police station as the closing credits rolled.

But could Phil be about to go to prison – and could this spell the end for the character in Walford?

Is Phil Mitchell leaving EastEnders?

There’s been no suggestion we’re about to see the last of Phil, although we’ll see how things progress for him on Monday night when he is questioned by police.

Phil showed up in Walford last week on the day of Dennis’ funeral, and wanted to speak to Sharon (Letitia Dean) – although she wanted nothing to do with him, and lashed out at him with a knife.

After giving it some more thought, however, she went to the Arches, and the pair returned to the Mitchell household – where Phil reflected on his time as Denny’s father, and how he would take it all back if he could.

Phil apologised for his part in Phil’s death, but Sharon decided she was also to blame – something Phil disagreed with.

As the pair put their animosity aside, Phil went to the police station – and tonight, as he wakes up in a cell, will await his fate.

What happens? You’ll just have to keep watching to see…

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday night at 8pm.

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