Is Faye Windass going to expose Geoff in Coronation Street? The teen witnessed his vile rant at Sally

CORONATION Street fans are hoping Faye Windass will expose Geoff’s abuse after witnessing his vile rant at Sally Metcalfe last Friday (August 14).

Faye also witnessed Geoff threatening his ex Elaine shortly before her disappearance at the beginning of August. But will she speak out about what she witnessed? Here's the lowdown…

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What did Faye overhear Geoff say to Sally in Corrie?

Faye saw Geoff’s nasty side as she walked in on him verbally abusing Sally last Friday (August 14). 

Geoff raged at Sally for giving Yasmeen’s stolen money to Alya and encouraging her to buy him out of Speed Daal – and told her he’d picked the wrong side.

Geoff then went on to imply that he’d told Geoff the best way to move on from her was to get ‘under’ someone else. 

He sneered: “I told my laddo that the only way to get over one woman is to get under another."

He continued: “Why are you so shocked that blood is thicker than water? That dads and lads have an unbreakable bond? My son will always have my back. I walk on water whereas you just grow wrinklier and more boring by the day.”

Sally was horrified by his cruel words, but Geoff’s face fell when Faye appeared and told him off for speaking so awfully to Sally.

Will Faye tell Tim what she witnessed and turn her dad against the brute?

Will Faye speak out about Elaine in Corrie?

Geoff’s rant at Sally wasn’t the first bit of suspicious behaviour Faye has witnessed from Geoff. 

Fans will remember that she also overheard Geoff threatening Elaine in an alleyway earlier this month.

 The episode then ended with an ominous cliffhanger as Geoff was seen destroying Elaine’s phone and chucking her SIM card away, and Elaine hasn't been seen since.

Faye Windass later asked Geoff about his argument with a woman in an alley – but Geoff was quick to insist it was just a random "mad" woman.

Now that she's seen Geoff threatening Sally, will Faye put two and two together and speak out about Geoff threatening Elaine?

Corrie are yet to confirm whether Faye takes the plunge and exposes Geoff, but that hasn’t stopped fans hoping she'll secure her granddad's downfall.

One fan tweeted: "Faye saw Geoff with Elaine! What a waste of space!"

Another viewer added: "Faye has seen Geoff harrasing Elaine. I really hope she smells a rat and helps to bring down Geoff. Anna is her mother it runs in the family. Faye will sniff out Geoff and bring him down. Just like Anna did to Phelen #Corrie."

A third viewer tweeted: "Really hope Faye heard what Geoff was saying then… #Corrie."

A fourth hopeful fan said: "Faye has seen Geoff harassing Elaine. I really hope she smells a rat and helps to bring down Geoff. Anna is her mother it runs in the family. Faye will sniff out Geoff and bring him down. Just like Anna did to Phelen #Corrie."

Why hasn’t Faye turned against Geoff yet in Corrie?

Corrie fans will remember that Faye has been supportive of her grandad Geoff right from the start. 

When Sally reached a turning point and booted Geoff out of her house, Faye was flabbergasted and was quick to confront Sally and Tim.

When Geoff moved back to No.6 with his tail between his legs, Faye insisted she was moving out and going with him.

Faye’s decision only drove a wedge further in between Sally and Tim, whose marriage is already at breaking point thanks to their different stances on Geoff.

Corrie fans are baffled as to how Faye, much like Tim, hasn’t managed to put two and two together about Geoff’s abuse. 

One shocked fan tweeted: "Is evil geoff for real, tim & faye need to wake up."

Another stunned viewer said: "Faye, Tim & Geoff. The family from hell. Really."

A third viewer tweeted: "Tim is nice but dim and daughter Faye more annoying than grotesque Geoff! Sooner they wake up to the truth on dear old grotesque Geoff the better!"

Is Faye Windass going to team up with Alya and Sally in Corrie?

Corrie fans think that Faye will join the long line of Weatherfield women who've turned against Geoff.

One fan tweeted: "What is Geoff scheming now. Was that his phone battery or Tim's that he put down the gutter. Geoff needs to be pushed back into his box. His scheming needs to be reined in before it all gets out of hand. Faye needs to talk to Alya about what she has seen and heard  #Corrie."

Another tweeted: "Faye and Sally to team up against Geoff – incoming!"

But with Corrie yet to confirm what's next for Faye, fans will have to tune in to find out whether she teams up with Alya and Sally.

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