Inside Missguided star hits back at trolls who slammed show for ‘foul language’

Inside Missguided: Made In Manchester star Treasure Evans has the perfect response for critics who have slammed the Channel 4 series for having too much bad language.

The four-part docuseries, which concludes this evening, invites viewers into the world of one of the biggest online retailers in the UK.

The show is filled with fun, fashion and female empowerment leaving viewers wanting to dust off their CV and send it off to CEO Nitin Passi for a job.

Senior Creative and Campaign Manager Treasure, who has been working at the business for four years, is one of the stand out stars of the show and has impressed fans with her no-nonsense attitude an impressive work ethic.

Despite leaving school at 16, the Bury babe has managed to build a career for herself at Misguided and has worked with some of the biggest showbiz names and influencers in the word.

Treasure, 29, told Daily Star Online that she had a mixed reaction when she was first told that a camera crew would be following her around for months.

The blonde bombshell explained: "I was really excited but I also had savage anxiety about it as we know Missguided doesn't have the most conventional working method.

"I was quite anxious at how I would be portrayed but they portrayed me exactly how I am."

Opening up about her overnight rise to fame, Treasure admitted that she has loved receiving messages from fans, and being recognised on the streets, but she has also faced backlash for her potty mouth.

She said: "I've had an overwhelming response on Instagram with people telling me how much we've inspired them which is so humbling and empowering.

"I have been recognised a couple of times. I went for a walk and someone was like 'she's off the telly'.

"Of course there have been trolls on Twitter, who are awful humans and some people have said there was too much swearing but., being honest, I don't know what they are talking about.

Treasure continued: "If that's the worst thing they can say about me then that's absolutely fine.

"At my level in the business if I said 'flipping heck' or 'chuffin hell', no one would take me seriously."

"It's never meant with any malice and thats how people communicate. If its s**t, it's s**t. We have work to do."

Discussing whether or not there could be a series two on the cards, Treasure didn't hold back on whether or not she'd like to return to in front of the camera.

"I b****y hope so," Treasure said.

"There has been talk about but that decision while lies with Nitin."

"Twitter has gone mad with people wanting to see more so I really hope there is a second series."

Inside Misguided: Made In Manchester concludes on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm and the series is available to watch on All 4

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