I'm A Celebrity’s first look at huge 'prison doors' on set where terrifying tasks will take place

I'M A Celebrity's new-look castle features a set of huge 'prison doors' for terrifying trials.

This year's stars will be locked up inside a bleak looking jail and will have to win their freedom as part of a terrifying task.

Workmen have been pictured beavering away on the slammer ahead of the show launch.

A set of steps lead up to ten barred cells standing side by side. The facade is grey and bleak, hinting at misery for the contestants.

The prison sits on top of open dirt ground and is in front of a huge metal rig.

Drone pictures of the Gwrych Castle site in North Wales show the site is a hotbed of activity as a large yellow crane works to get it ready on time.

A long, narrow structure to the side of the main complex houses the stilted wooden structures, which will feature on screen in the next few weeks.

In the main castle itself, the rooms looks small, compact and very, very dark.

It all adds to its spooky vibe which will be sure have the stars jumping out of their skin as they tackle Bushtucker Trials.

DronePicsWales wrote on Twitter: "Gwrych Castle has changed again since last month's pics, with more tents and more temporary wooden bits of castle going up!"

The Sun exclusively revealed how this year's show will be two days shorter amid worries for the pampered stars in the cold coastal location.

The ITV show, moved from the Aussie jungle due to Covid, will end on a Friday night rather than its traditional Sunday, lasting 20 days instead of 22.

Producers are worried the switch to a damp, dark castle will be too much and some celebs might even walk. But if any do quit Gwrych Castle near Abergele early, they will only get a portion of their bumper fee.

We told this week the line-up, including EastEnders star Jessica Plummer, 28, are holed up in luxury accommodation before their stint at the derelict site.

A source said: “There have been some concerns at ITV that it’s going to be a mega shock to the system when they leave the lap of luxury and are suddenly living in a damp, squalid castle.

“There are fears some will sack it off. They were even worried some might not even enter the castle at all.”

The castle has no permanent plumbing, lighting or heating — and the stars will be given specially thickened outfits for warmth.

The source added: “This will be harder than the ­Australian jungle. It will be damp and freezing.”

The Sun has revealed most of the line-up, also including Olympic hero Mo Farah, 37, plus soap stars Shane Richie, 56, and Beverley Callard, 63.

Hosts Ant and Dec kick it all off a week on Sunday.

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