I feared our sex life was over after cancer op but found surprising way to get mojo back says Gabby Logan's hubby Kenny | The Sun

THERE were many things Gabby Logan and her rugby star husband Kenny were terrified about before he recently underwent treatment for cancer.

But one of Kenny’s biggest fears was the impact it could have on their sex life.

The 50-year-old former Scotland international, married to TV presenter Gabby, 49, since 2001, announced yesterday on BBC Breakfast that he was recovering from prostate cancer, having been diagnosed in February.

Since having surgery to remove his prostate, the pair have now opened up about how it's affected them in the bedroom on Gabby's podcast, The Mid.Point.

Research from Prostate Cancer UK found 76 per cent of men who are treated for prostate cancer experience erectile dysfunction.

Kenny admits that stat was preying on his mind before his operation.


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Speaking the night before surgery, he says: “I'm more nervous now about the rehab and how it's going to affect me as a person – well, me as a man. 

“I think men think, ‘Will I get an erection again?’”

The couple then confess they are off to “go and have sex” for one last time before he goes under the knife.

In the 10 days following his op, Kenny candidly reveals he wore a catheter – which can cause patients to wet themselves once it’s removed.

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He admits he found it hard in hospital and came out feeling "horrific".

While his torso was "really bruised", he jokes: "I've got balls the size of tennis balls, which is a positive… they're black and blue."

Gabby then speaks to Kenny two months after his operation and asks him how he’s been feeling.

“I feel good now, every week I get stronger,” he says. “The week before was bothering me but I'm definitely on the road to recovery. I feel miles better now, almost back to normal.”

However he confesses that he’s wet himself a few times.

He reveals: “There's little things, like I'll pick something up or turn around and accidentally pee myself. It's a little bit embarrassing, or a little bit weeps out and you're like 'ooh'.

“Leakage has actually been really good apart from two nights where I just woke up in a pile of urine, because I was so tired.”


When it came to his fears downstairs, Kenny was pleasantly surprised.

He says: “Erectile function is the first thing that goes usually, but I did get an erection after. 

“It was very quick, it was about a week after, so I was a bit confused. I didn't know if I was dreaming it or not, so I didn't get another one for a couple of days.

“But recently I have been a lot more active on that front, as in I've been waking up and it's been there.”

As Gabby sounds shocked, he laughs: “You haven't seen it yet, it's coming this weekend, big weekend! 

“But it does worry you, you've got to keep doing your pelvic floors and exercises. I think training has helped.”

Erectile function is the first thing that goes usually, but I did get an erection after

Gabby explains it could be three to six months before Kenny is back to his normal erectile function.

Kenny adds that many men – including him – use a penis pump for 10 minutes a day to help.

Gabby laughs: “You've been getting to grips with your penis pump on your own!” to which her husband hits back: “If you ever walk in and see my penis pump, you've got to get out.”

Other men use Viagra later down the line to help with their sex drive but Kenny insists he doesn't think he'll need them, adding: "There's no shame in it."

Get checked

It was Gabby advising her husband to get a wellness check that resulted in Kenny being diagnosed.

He told BBC Breakfast yesterday: "I went to get a wellness check and he said that everything was fine with my hormones but your prostate is high, your PSA is high so you should go and get checked.

"I had a biopsy, but this year on February 7 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which was a huge shock."

Gabby added: "He had no pain, he had no symptoms. And to go in and have surgery which is a really invasive surgery and it obviously takes a long to recover from you're going to feel a lot worse after it.

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"But very, very, very lucky."

The couple appeared on BBC Breakfast just days after former presenter Bill Turnbull tragically died from the same illness.

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