How 'Shark Tank' Star Barbara Corcoran Felt About Being Eliminated First on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank is known as a fierce business icon. Building her real estate empire from scratch, Corcoran doesn’t let obstacles like rejection or failure keep her down.

Appearing in season 25 of Dancing With the Stars, Corcoran was initially embarrassed to be the first contestant eliminated. Yet in her trademark go-getter outlook, the Shark Tank star was able to see past the initial sting of getting the boot and realize the list of positives.

Barbara Corcoran gets sent home

Partnered with Keo Motsepe in season 25, Corcoran donned her dancing shoes and hit the ballroom on national television. The real estate mogul was hesitant at first to sign on for the competition.

“With Dancing With the Stars, I did not want to do it,” she said in an interview with Lewis Howes. “I’m an old babe. The last thing I want to do is practice four hours a day.”

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Corcoran decided to throw her hat in the ring for the Mirrorball Trophy. Unfortunately, the Shark Tank star was the first contestant to get the boot.

“I was the number one person on Dancing With the Stars,” she told Howes. “Number one rejected. Now there’s a record. So you might say that was a mistake with all the work that that led up to it. And it was a social embarrassment. I thought I’d be rejected maybe number three or five or six. But number one? I never saw it coming.”

‘Shark Tank’ star doesn’t stop dancing

Admitting to some initial embarrassment, Corcoran soon rebounded with gratitude for the experience.

“I was kind of a little mortified on that one,” the business icon shared. “But you know what, I’m so thankful I did it. And the minute I recovered by the next morning, I’m like, ‘Thank God I did it.’”

In her interview with Howes, Corcoran revealed she’d rather try something and fail than live with the regret of not taking a chance. The same rule applied for DWTS, where she took on the dance floor with a spring in her step.

“I said yes because I didn’t want to wonder what it would’ve been like,” Corcoran said of the opportunity. “What I learned from that is that I can’t dance well, but inside my body I feel like I’m a good dancer. I’ll get out on any dance floor and do my own makeup steps.”

Barbara Corcoran focuses on courage and confidence

While she was the first to leave the ballroom, Corcoran revealed her short-lived stint on Dancing With the Stars was a huge confidence boost.

“I learned the same lesson I learn again and again, which is thank God I did it,” the Shark Tank panelist shared. “I got a lot of confidence out of that because every female friend and male friend I had that was even close to my age, they discouraged me – I won all their respect … So even my friends that kind of took me for granted think better of me. I went up a notch in their head.”

As for the early elimination, Corcoran has no problem with fizzling out in front of an audience. Rather, the millionaire considers the process another character builder.

“It takes a lot of courage to fail publicly,” she remarked. “But I happen to be very good at public failure because I’ve done it my whole life, and that doesn’t bother me. … Because what I learned [is] nobody is really watching or gives a s*it … the truth is that most people are all thinking about themselves.”

True to form, Corcoran honed in on the positives of her national dancing debut.

“It was such an honor and probably the most exciting thing I’ve done in my whole life,” she said on her last show. “If you’ve got that dream in your head, you better go for it.”

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