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AFTER leaving their big day up to their future husband it seems that a lot of the brides on Don't Tell The Bride often regret that decision.

From an £140 "cheap bit of tat" dress to an Oktoberfest-themed reception, it'll come no surprise that not every single one of the couples live happily ever after…

How many Don't Tell The Bride couples have divorced?

Since Don't Tell The Bride first graced our screens in 2007, we've seen countless couples walk down the aisle… in varying states of harmonious matrimony.

After all, plenty of marriages have started off on the wrong foot considering the grooms have to plan their partner's dream day,

Most dramatically, Bianca and Adam from the last season of the show have been the most recent couple to divorce.

The couple had only been married for 18 months when Bianca discovered flirtatious texts messages on her husband's phone shortly after he was rushed to hospital.

Turns out, the reality television groom had been having an affair for five months

The scorned wife told Fabulous Online: "I went from being terrified of losing my husband to furious that the man I loved had been sleeping with another woman behind my back."

Meanwhile, one unhappy bride refused to legalise the marriage after her groom planned a catastrophic Oktoberfest-themed wedding for the show.

Despite being together eight years, 26-year-old Sofia claimed that "if Craig doesn't know me by now, it's probably warning signs."

What did the grooms plan?

At the start of Sofia and Craig's episode, the bride-to-be told the cameras that she was hoping for a "boho beach wedding" and warned "if he gets things wrong and I don't like anything, I actually won't go."

Craig, on the other hand, said wedding was going to be "based on my old party lifestyle, getting everyone together for loads of drinking and a crazy wild party."

As the only couple to ever split as a result of the disastrous wedding, Sofia also refused to try on the Bavarian wedding dress Craig chose for her and was devastated when he planned an Oktoberfest-themed nuptials at the National Brewery Centre.

Cheating Don't Tell The Bride star Adam also didn't do much to impress his pregnant fiancé Bianca during their time on the show.

The money-saving groom paid just £140 for his bride's wedding dress (which she tearfully labelled a "cheap piece of tat") before organising a Full Moon-inspired reception.

Any hopes of salvaging the day are quickly squashed when his bride's dream "destination wedding" instead takes place on-board on a plane.

Not to mention the bridesmaids' £10 see-through dresses.

It's no wonder Bianca labelled her nuptials "the world's worst wedding."



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How does the show work?

Adventurous couples that are planning on getting married are given £13,000 to plan the whole wedding.

The catch is, the groom has to plan it all by himself without any input from the bride.

As expected, this often leads to brides crying over the questionable decisions made by the groom.

For instance, one episode featured an over-the-top Vegas-themed wedding in a garden shed, planned by the groom.

It left viewers surprised, as his bride had always dreamt of getting married in her family church in Norfolk.

Don't Tell The Bride airs on E4 every Wednesday at 9pm.

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