How Brooklyn Beckham's star-studded 21st birthday party gave wedding guest list clues after his proposal to Nicola Peltz

THERE'S a Beckham wedding on the way which means only one thing – the biggest names in showbiz waiting anxiously by the letterbox for their invite.

Brooklyn Beckham, 21, sparked a frenzy on Sunday when he confirmed he'd asked heiress and actress Nicola Peltz, 25, to marry him after eight months of dating.

But who will be at what is certain to be one of the biggest showbiz weddings of the year when it rolls around next year?

To find out, showbiz-watchers need only look back at Brooklyn's star-studded birthday in March that cost £100,000 and saw some huge names dropping in.

From the Ramsays to the Spice Girls, we scan the guestlist from the party at the family's £6million Cotswolds home to see who we can expect to see on the big day…

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls' appearance at the wedding is a dead cert, with Emma Bunton, 44, and Geri Halliwell, 47, both turning up at Brooklyn's 21st.

And with Baby Spice revealing the band secretly met up once lockdown restrictions were lifted recently, could they all perform at the party?

On one hand, having the whole Spice Girls line-up singing at your wedding is a performance that money can't buy. But on the other, what young man wants to hear their mum belting out 2 Become 1?

Gordon & the Ramsays

David's pal Gordon Ramsay, 52, and his family are so close to the Beckhams, that all of the chef's family are sure to be at the wedding.

They are also very tight with Nicola. Holly Ramsay, 20, posted a shot of them together at Brooklyn's 21st with an arm around one another.

She tagged her in, posting two hearts and writing: "I love u." Surely that's enough to swing an invite and a table that's not too close to the toilets.


Music sensation (and Beckhams super-fan) Stormzy performed at Brooklyn's birthday, being seen with an arm wrapped around the lad.

Doing a medley of his hits, the 26-year-old star said: "Your dad is legendary, your family is legendary, and this is legendary."

He added, in true wedding DJ form: "I want to see everyone dancing." Who wouldn't be invited back after that kind of tribute.

Liv Tyler & Dave Gardner

There is no chance of the wedding going ahead without David's best pal Dave Gardner being there with Liv Tyler.

The 44-year-old, who was at Brooklyn's bash in March and was spotted on the dance floor, was a young Manchester United player like David.

However, he quit the sport to become one of the most successful agents in the Premier League and has been with 43-year-old singer and Lord Of The Rings star Liv since 2014.

Elton John

The Tiny Dancer star is sure to get an invitation to the wedding as Brooklyn Beckham's godfather.

He is among the stars who are thought to have been at the now-famous 21st but managed to avoid the cameras – which is no mean feat with scores of twenty-somethings in the room.

Could the 73-year-old superstar be tempted onto the piano? Don't bet against it.

Cara Delevingne

Brooklyn and Cara have long bumped into each other on the 'wealthy young people' circuit and she was thought to be another guest at his party who didn't wind up on social media.

But are they close enough for her to make the guestlist?

Given that there are expected to be two weddings – one in the UK and another in Florida, where Nicola's family are based – surely she will make it to at least one.

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