House-hunters in stitches at dodgy photoshopped estate agent listing

If you’ve watched Selling Sunset, you’ll know just how expensive and difficult it is to ‘stage’ a home ready for viewers.

It involves having to get someone in to pick furniture that suits the potential buyer demographic, as well as making sure it smells nice and is filled with little touches to draw them in.

Or, in the case of this ballsy estate agent, you could just photoshop some furniture into the pictures of the empty rooms.

A home that appears to be in Echo Park in Los Angeles, California, has gone viral after a woman browsing listings came across the ridiculousness and tweeted it.

TV writer Caitie Delaney posted some pictures of the digitally-enhanced abode on Twitter along with the caption: ‘Losing my f*cking mind at these apartment listing photos’

Not only did the ‘living room’ contain a fake sofa, marble stools and a pink plant had been superimposed into the kitchen to make it look more lived-in.

Understandably, everyone who then saw the pictures on Caitie’s page (her tweet now has over 50,000 likes) was also completely baffled.

Some chimed in to photoshop more into the home – including one very satisfying edit featuring many many cats.

Others noted that the couch in the living room had no reflection, meaning it must be a vampire couch. Spooky.

It appears that the listing has now been removed from the Trulia site where it was first spotted. Perhaps the agents didn’t realise how obvious their deception was.

But it was obvious. Extremely obvious.

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