‘Hope I don’t f*** it up’ Ten Percent star addresses fears over fan reaction to UK series

Ten Percent official Prime Video trailer 2022

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Ten Percent is set to launch on Amazon Prime Video on April 28 and is a remake of the French comedy Call My Agent. The series, which stars the likes of Helena Bonham-Carter, Kelly Macdonald, and Jack Davenport, is set around a London talent agency where the agents scramble to keep their clients happy following the sudden death of their founder.

The French series became a huge hit worldwide, and in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Maggie Steed and Rebecca discussed their concerns about whether fans will love the UK version as much.

Maggie, who plays Stella in Ten Percent, said she feels “apprehensive” although, she hopes fans love it just as much as Call My Agent.

“I am hopeful that people will think ‘I love these people’,” she began. “That’s what I want to happen.

“I want people to go, ‘Oh, no, it’s not the French series, but it’s quite good’. I want them to love us.”

She continued: “I think there’s every possibility [they will love us] because the script is so great, but I was apprehensive about it.”

Rebecca went on to add: “Whenever you say to someone, ‘I’m doing Ten Percent which is Call My Agent’, they’ll go, ‘Oh I love the French series’ and my response is, ‘I hope I don’t f*** it up’.

“But I don’t think we have and actually now that we’ve seen it and that we’ve gotten to enjoy it, it feels like two different programmes.”

The Crown star explained viewers can expect Ten Percent to begin the same way as Call My Agent.

“It begins with the introductions of the characters in a way that people who have seen the French series will, I think enjoy,” she continued.

“Just because of our versions and just because of John’s [Morton] writing as well.

“It’s so rooted in British comedy straight away, it’s almost a bit like having those guys doing British stuff and then what happens is it kind of starts interweaves its way away from the French series and broadens it out.

“It then turns it into British theatre land which is an independent film and all the stuff that people who have seen the French series will enjoy that it’s just so rooted in this culture.”

Hiftu Quasem, who plays Misha in the Amazon Prime series, went on to admit that she sees Ten Percent as a “completely new show.”

“It is quite quintessentially British in terms of like its quirks and the humour,” the actress explained.

“And just the way things unfold, and the way people relate to each other.

“I think, while the characters are sort of modelled in a similar way in terms of their relationship to one another, the journeys we go on are vastly different.”

She added: “I’m actually really excited for audiences to see how things unfold.”

The Killing Eve star explained she was initially drawn to the role of Misha because she was “blown away by the writing”.

“John Watson is a fantastic writer and I just thought, ‘I really, really want this’ and the more rounds of auditions I did, the more I was like, ‘I really, really want this’.

“I play Misha, who, I feel I’ve sort of lived a version of the character or at least the journey she goes on.

“And in the sense that she kind of leaves home to embark on this journey to fulfil her dream of becoming a talent agent and doesn’t really know anyone.”

Ten Percent premieres on Amazon Prime on April 28.

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