Homes Under the Hammer host appalled by property in such horrific state the walls fall apart before he’s even inside

HOMES Under the Hammer presenter Dion Dublin is left horrified as the walls in a 'dangerous' property' before he evens stepped inside.

The ex-footballer, 51, who co-presents the BBC property show alongside Martel Maxwell and Martin Roberts, get to the bottom of who bought certain homes at auction and why.

Dion travelled to the small village of Cofton Hackett in Worcestershire to find out more about a property, which was valued at a measly guide price of £50,000.

Why so cheap? Because the house was in such a state, that the 1998 Premier League golden boot winner was unable to enter because it wasn't safe.

As a result, Dion stood outside as he explained the dangerous parts of the home to the audience.

He said: “Not looking great, is it? To be honest with you, it’s not a great start," before pointing above and explained: "it’s not very pleasing on the eye, is it? Look at the render at the top, that is shocking, it’s falling apart."

To further illustrate the property's poor condition, Dublin used a stick and broke off some of the render, which fans saw crumble to the floor.

He went on: “I’d like to go in and show you around, but there are so many things that are dangerous about this property.”

The property expert also mentioned the state of the house's guttering, which he described as "rotten."

The presenter added: "Let’s take a look at the front of this house – we start at the very top, guttering, you’ve got slates that could just fall off and hit anyone at any time – they have to be replaced.

“The guttering itself is supposed to be holding water not giving it up freely. And then you look at the upstairs windows, they're in a terrible condition – they’re completely rotten!”

The 1992 Premier League winner was concerned for what awaited the new owners.

“I dread to think what’s growing in there – mould, damp, when the sun goes down and when it gets a little bit dark," before teasing:"I imagine it’s got a few unwelcome furry guests as well."

He anticipates the new home owners will have their work cut out and is unsure what they will be able to keep.

Dion stated: "I’m not sure what you can keep, I’m taking a guess and saying you can keep the bricks and the knocker."

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