Hollyoaks will show classic 1997 episodes next week as Cindy gives birth on Christmas Day – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS is going back to the 90s next week, specifically 1997, to show vintage episodes including when Cindy gives birth on Christmas Day.

Fans have been loving the reruns of classic moments from the long-running Channel 4 soap.

Hollyoaks was forced to shut production down due to the coronavirus pandemic so has been rationing out episodes in an effort to ensure it remains on air for as long as possible.

Next week fans can revisit the iconic Christmas Day when Cindy Cunningham gave birth to her daughter Holly, and her sister Dawn passed away in Jambo’s arms.

Viewers can tune in on Wednesday 24 June to see episode 168 from 1997, where Hollyoaks village is gearing up for the Christmas festivities.

Troublemaker Cindy is lying to her family, telling them that she has the flu to hide the fact that she is secretly pregnant.

On Thursday fans of the soap can relive the drama as Cindy goes into labour all alone, while her sister Dawn devastatingly dies of leukemia in boyfriend Jambo’s arms while out on a boat.

Closing the week on Friday is episode 170 and it’s Dawn Cunningham’s funeral.

Jambo and Dawn’s family are all completely devastated, and if the heartbreaking eulogy from her short lived fiancé doesn’t make you cry then you are made of stone.

The Cunninghams are floored to discover there’s a new member of the family as they find out Cindy secretly gave birth on Christmas Day.

Absolute classics.

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