Holly Willoughby in hysterics over This Morning fan’s cheeky parsnip snap

Holly Willoughby has found herself a new phone screensaver after This Morning viewers sent in hilarious photos of vegetables.

And while vegetables don't sound very exciting, Holly and her co-star Phillip Schofield were in hysterics after seeing all the cheeky appendages on the carrots and parsnips.

One parsnip in particular sent Holly into a fit of giggles, with her throwing her head back as she laughed so hard.

The Sunday roast favourite looked like it had two legs, as well as a penis sticking out from between them.

Holly, 39, was stunned and she screamed: "Wow. I can't even look at it."

Laughing, the ITV beauty went on: "That's amazing. That's going to be my new screensaver. It's so good."

The hosting duo had been sent in plenty of photos, with one homegrown potato looking like Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movie franchise.

There was also a sprig of ginger that resembled a penis, and another potato that looked more like a hamster than anything else.

The segment has become something of a regular on This Morning, with viewers sending in rude food items or drawings from their kids.

Obviously the children's drawings were completely innocent in their own minds, but the results often appeared very rude.

Keeping in the X-rated theme on Thursday, Holly and Phil also spoke to 81-year-old Iris Jones, who has just married her 36-year-old Egyptian toy-boy.

Holly asked Iris about their wedding night, after the pensioner previously shocked viewers when she said they'd used a whole tub of KY jelly on their first night together.

Iris told viewers on Thursday: "Just the same as the first night really, except it wasn't so difficult."

But they didn't go to a fancy restaurant for their reception in Egypt.

She said: "We went to KFC – I had Coca-Cola.

"If I eat their spicy foods I'm on the toilet all the time."

And, speaking from their honeymoon in Sharm El-Sheikh, Iris added: "We desperately need to get Mohamed to the UK, so if Boris Johnson is listening, do your best and get your whip out and get Mohamed a visa for the UK."

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