Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield struggle not to laugh as ‘mermaid whisperer’ teaches them to meditate

This Morning’s Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield struggled to keep straight faces on Thursday’s show as a 'mermaid whisperer' taught them how to meditate.

Holly and Phil spoke to Karen Kay, who spoke to studio from a beach in Cornwall with her mermaid friend Moontail.

Karen told Holly and Phil that mermaids are real and she can communicate with them, and revealed that they are loving lockdown life as there has been less activity on the oceans.

Karen said: "At the moment they're telling me telepathically. They're happy because there has been less activity on the ocean, which has been good for them

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"Things are coming back to life again and mermaids are guardians of the ocean and they're super happy about this."

When asked what the mermaids were saying today, Karen said she was unable to hear them because of the noisy ocean in the background.

She said: "I'm trying to hear them but it's not easy, I can't speak to them right this minute because we've got the [noise of the sea] and the ocean in the background.

"They are definitely there, and they are aware of this happening."

Karen then taught Holly and Phil mermaid meditation, which left the popular hosts struggle to contain their giggles.

As Karen asked the hosts to close their eyes and think of the sea, Holly was seen shaking with laughter and trying to use her blonde hair to hide the smile on her face.

Phil, meanwhile, was seen opening his eyes during the meditation session and looking over at Holly in the studio.

Karen told the bemused presenters: "This is mermaid meditation, imagine you are on the shore looking out at the ocean, and you spot a mermaid."

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Viewers at home took to social media to comment on the segment and Holly and Phil’s reactions.

One person said: “@hollywillsand @Schofe your faces say it all! #ThisMorning #mermaids.”

Others wrote: “Phil’s face #ThisMorning” and: “@thismorning I am crying with laughter watching holly and Phil with this mermaid segment Face with tears of joy.”

And more commented: “Phil and Holly struggling with the mermaid item! Lol #ThisMorning” and: “@thismorning Phil and Holly's face when interviewing the mermaid lady made my day.”

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