Holly and Phils horror as This Morning guest nearly lost her nose from fillers

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were horrified when their poor guest showed how she nearly lost her nose after fillers went wrong.

This Morning guest Leah Morton decided to get the procedure done as she was unhappy with her looks.

“It was the shape of my nose from the sides, I always hated it, there was a small bump there,” explained the brunette beauty.

“I’d seen nose filler a lot on Instagram, it’s quite common and a cheaper alternative to surgery. I thought it would be a good idea.”

Holly asked: “Were you given any warnings of the dangers or things that could possibly go wrong?”

Leah said she hadn't, adding: “I put my trust in them, they’ve got a lot of Instagram followers.”

Phil asked when she first realised things were wrong.

“As soon I went home, the skin started to go white on the tip of my nose. It wasn't until I went to sleep that night when I put my head down, I felt too much pressure," she explained.

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Leah said she went back to the clinic and they said: “Oh, I'm not going to be losing any sleep over it, neither should you. I'm not really worried.”

They told her to go and see a nurse friend the next day to put dissolver in, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

She said: “It was the most excruciating pain I've ever been through in my life. The needle kept stabbing in, she was massaging the ends of it.

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“On the Sunday I woke up and there were white blisters around it, and that was when the tissue started dying.”

Leah avoided going to A&E and reached out to a specialist clinic instead who said they could help her, as necrosis was setting in.

Holly said: “There is this potential that you could lose your nose and it could have gone down and affected your top lip also."

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"So here you are, a young girl, that's gone in to have a procedure, walking out a week later, possibly potentially walking around with a really serious situation of losing your nose and your lip.

"How did that feel?”

Leah replied: “It was really scary – I was sent to the hospital. But when I got to the hospital, the doctors didn't recognise it as necrosis. She tried to say I think it's just a skin infection, go home, contact your GP if it gets anywhere.”

Phil asked what she has done to heal it.

She said: “So I've been doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy every day for 30 days. You go into an oxygen chamber, you're strapped into an oxygen mask. I’ve done 30 sessions, now I'm on a break and then get reviewed to see if I need any more.”

Holly and Phil were horrified by her injuries and the photos shown, and wished her luck with her healing.

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