Hold Onto Your Butts: Jurassic Park Writer Reveals Story Behind The Famous Line

The writer of Jurassic Park has revealed the unexpected story of Samuel L. Jackson’s “hold onto your butts” line from the 1993 action movie.

David Koepp told CinemeBlend that the origins of the line are connected to the Robert Zemekicks movie Death Becomes Her, which he was writing at the same time as Jurassic Park. The ending to Death Becomes Her was testing very poorly, and there was no time for reshoots. Koepp said he remembers sitting with Zemeckis during this tough time, and Zemeckis said, “Hold onto your butts” in anticipation of a difficult road ahead for Death Becomes Her.

“I happened to be working on the [Jurassic Park script] at that time, and I was like, ‘Oh, I love that.’ I went back and I typed it into the script immediately, and then Sam Jackson said it,” Koepp said. “I don’t think I ever told Zemeckis that, but that’s his line.”

In Jurassic Park, Jackson plays the park’s engineer, Ray Arnold, who is an unabashedly heroic character who helps save many lives while sacrificing his own. He dies a bloody death off-screen, but that wasn’t always the plan. Jackson told The AV Club that he was supposed to fly to Hawaii to film his full death scene, but there was a hurricane that infamously destroyed many of the sets.

The next Jurassic Park movie is Jurassic World: Dominion, which is set to become one of the first major studio movies to start filming again in the UK, according to Deadline.

As for Koepp, he was also recently in the news after he dropped out of Indiana Jones 5.

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