Hannah Godwin Reveals the Side of Dylan Barbour That 'Really Surprised' Her: 'Living Together Taught Us a Lot'

The reality star was a contestant on season 23 of The Bachelor, starring Colton Underwood, before appearing on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise last year. Godwin and Barbour fell in love in Mexico and got engaged in a televised beachfront proposal.

“Living together and actually being roommates really taught us a lot about how we operate,” Godwin told PEOPLE. Their time in quarantine has been “really really great,” she shared, so much so that the pair are preparing to move in together “very soon.”

Previously, Godwin resided in Los Angeles while Barbour was in nearby San Diego. Living together in San Diego for the past few months, however, has solidified their desire to be in the same place.

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“I love San Diego and I think we've also realized that we like living together,” she said. “I would hate the idea of going to bed at night and being like, ‘Wow, if I drove two hours, I'd be able to wake up next to him.’ So I think we're sold on the San Diego idea for sure.”

In addition to spending more quality time together, Godwin said the move will allow her to have a bit more closet space than what she has in Barbour’s current residence.

“I'm actually looking at all of the housing and rental sites every day because I think we're going to move in together very soon, once my lease ends in Los Angeles,” she said. “Right now, honestly, his closet space just isn't cutting it for me, so I'm just trying to find somewhere that has a little bit more space for all my clothes.”

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