Halle Berry walks the beach in a tiny black bikini after celebrating her 54th birthday

HALLE Berry looks stunning as she struts on the beach in a tiny black bikini to celebrate her 54th birthday. 

The Monster’s Ball actress poured her curves into a bondage style string two piece as she walked along the beach with her long hair down in loose waves and sunglasses. 

The newly 54-year-old captioned: “Leo Season in full effect 🐆✨”

Just yesterday the mom-of-two posted a cheeky photo of her in just bikini bottoms and a t-shirt as she rode on a skateboard. 

Halle wrote next to the photo: “life just gets better and better” as she showed off her incredible figure. 

The actress looked happy and relaxed as she rode down the street in minimal clothing, her long hair loose in tousled waves.

Posting the snap to her Instagram account, Halle revealed her long legs as she confidently rode the skateboard. 

The movie star, who turns 54 today, captioned the dreamy shot: “54….life just gets better and better! 🌈✨”

Many of the mom-of-two’s A-List friends rushed to wish her many happy returns.

Actress Reese Witherspoon wrote: “Get out of here ! This pic made my day !! 🌈 HBD!!”

While Halle certainly won the genetic lottery, she has revealed her washboard stomach is down to years of strict diet and exercise.

She said in one interview: “There is no shortcut, just hard work and dedication. It is about what you eat and consistency.”

The mum of two is fitter than ever following months of preparation for new mixed martial arts movie Bruised, in which she plays a former fighter battling to win back custody of her child and revive her career.

It is due to premiere next month and the pressure is on for Halle, as it is also her directorial debut.

In the run-up to the film she had to work out for four hours a day and follow a strict low-carb, no-sugar diet.

She said: “One of my goals for Bruised was ripped abs. I finally got them and it feels unbelievable.”

Halle, who won an Oscar for her role as a widow in 2001 film Monster’s Ball, did all of her own stunts and endured serious injuries from fight scenes with a real MMA champ.

Soon my entire body feels like it is on fire.

Halle said: “She had to throw some real kicks and I had to really take them, and that broke some bones.”

The actress often shares videos with her 6.3million Instagram followers of her fitness routines on the beach near her home in Malibu, California.

Celebrity trainer Peter Lee Thomas puts her through her paces with boxing, running, yoga and gruelling full-body workouts.

Halle said: “My average workout these days doesn’t involve a single sit-up or crunch.

“One abs move I incorporate into my workouts pretty often is planks.

They’ve made a huge difference for my core strength and definition.

“Sometimes I’ll just hold a plank for as long as I can. My abs start to ache first, but pretty soon my entire body feels like it’s on fire.”

Earlier this year Halle and Peter founded Re-Spin, a digital health and wellness brand, and launched a range of exercise equipment including an abs wheel, waist trainers and a compression vest that she wears to get “extra sweaty”.

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