Guest blows up at This Morning for calling him 'toyboy'

A guest on This Morning expressed his anger towards This Morning bosses after the show labeled him a ‘toyboy’ for dating a woman 45 years older than him.

During Monday’s show, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield spoke with 81-year-old pensioner Iris Jones and her partner Mohamed Irbriham, 36, via video link.

Iris first appeared on the show in January where she left Holly and Phillip in shock after she told them all about her active sex life with Mohamed.

Iris left the hosts stunned when she revealed they used ‘an entire tub of KY jelly’ after a night of passion.

The couple, who spoke from Mohamed’s home in Egypt, told the story of how they met on Facebook, and that they have plans to get married.

Although, things took an awkward turn in the interview when Mohamed noticed that This Morning had referred to him as a ‘toyboy’.

As Holly and Phillip introduced the couple, ‘I’m still waiting to marry by toyboy lover’ popped up on the screen.

After Mohamed noticed what it said he explained to the hosts that it makes him angry being called a ‘toyboy’.

‘People that attack our love,’ he began.

‘It’s none of your business, focus on your lives, go to hell that is all.’

Iris then chipped in: ‘He’s very passionate about his feelings.’

Mohamed continued: ‘Please listen to me, I am angry about things on the media, you say, people say I am a toyboy, I am not a toyboy.

‘I am a man, not a toyboy, I am not a game. Please don’t say that again.’

After Mohamed made his feelings clear, This Morning bosses changed the original strapline on the screen to ‘I’m dating a man 45 years younger than me.’

Trying to make light of the situation Iris added: ‘Toyboy means a game and our life is not a game.

‘Usually Mohamed is shy when he’s speaking but he’s not shy in bed.’

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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