Gogglebox's Paige quits dating apps after being bombarded with messages from cheating men

GOGGLEBOX'S Paige Deville has quit dating apps after being inundated with messages from cheating men.

The bubbly reality star hasn't had much luck so far, with potential matches having girlfriends, kids and even strange fetishes.

Raising her eyebrows on Instagram, she wrote: "My face when I find out most these lads on the dating apps have; girlfriends, issues – not over an ex, baby on the way, 3 kids – 3 different moms, foot fetish."

She then switched to a video of her talking in which she said she was going to find a man organically.

She said: "Moral of the story is I'm coming off all these apps, they're a load of s*** and I'm just gonna have to wait for my prince charming.

"I might meet him on my adventures, I might meet him strolling through the park, I might meet him when I go to a local market or when I get on an aeroplane and he's the air hostess. No actually that wouldn't work."

Over the weekend Paige wowed fans as she posed for a rare snap with her lookalike sister.

She headed to the Corinthia hotel in London with her sister Beau for a slap-up lunch.

And the Brummie beauties couldn't resist posing for pics in their grand surroundings.

"Same Photo / Different Angle🥂 #london," Paige commented, sharing the snaps on Instagram.

Fans rushed to compliment the "beautiful" girls on their post.

Paige recently moved out of the West Midlands home she shares with her mum Sally, 53, as she's bought her own house.

But she still returns home to film Gogglebox with her mum.

And she recently had fans of the show in hysterics as she set up a profile for her mum on Tinder, much to Sally's horror.

Watching her daughter, Sally asked in outrage: "Hang on a minute. What the hell are you doing?"

When Paige told her she was creating a Tinder profile for her, Sally started raging.

She fumed: "I'm not going on Tinder!"

"Paige, if I go on a site I want to go on a nice site… get me off!"

Her daughter replied: "What do you mean? What's up with Tinder."

"Will you stop loading pictures up… just get if off now," Sally ordered.

When Paige refused to listen and just kept giggling, Sally had had enough and got up to leave.

"That's it, I'm done. I'm done, I'm going home," she declared.

"I'm absolutely disgusted."

Paige couldn't stop laughing as her mum walked out, and many Gogglebox viewers laughed along too.

"Even the mother knows Tinder is dire," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "Sally bless her."

And a third said: "OMG… Paige…. that's funny".

Paige and Sally are from Birmingham and joined the show as Gogglebox’s latest mother and daughter combo back in 2019.

Paige works as a business development manager while Sally is a carer for the elderly and disabled.

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