Gogglebox star Pete Sandiford's real life off-screen with his stunning pregnant fiancée and unexpected job

GOOGLEBOX star Pete Sandiford left fans overjoyed when he revealed he was set to have a baby with his fiancée.

The Blackpool native is popular on the show, but when he's not busy entertaining the nation, he actually has a regular 9 to 5 job.

Pete, along with his sister Sophie Sandiford, have been on Gogglebox since 2018, and are fan favourites.

They get paid £1,500 a month to appear on the show, but Pete also has a day job in the insurance industry.

In the first two series, the duo appeared from their parents' home.

The siblings also have another TV connection, as they are related to the Chuckle Brothers Chuckle Brothers Paul and Barry.

Last night fans were beside themselves with joy when Pete revealed he was going to be a dad.

He casually dropped the happy news by showing sister Sophie a picture of his fianceé Paige Yeomans' pregnancy scan.

Sophie looked at the scan and joked the baby looked like her, "it's a proper little baby now… does it look me?", she asked him.

"No it'll be good looking," he joked as Sophie laughed and called him, "cheeky git".

Pete declared it was "mad" that he will soon be a father "to somebody", to which Sophie told him, "life's coming at you fast".

Gogglebox fans rushed to congratulate Pete on the happy news.

"I love how Pete just casually drops in these life experiences he’s having in the show. Engaged and now gonna be a dad bruh??" wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "Pete's gotten engaged and going to be a dad in one season!"

And a third said: "Oh my god Pete announcing he’s gonna be a dad and I’m as happy as I would be if it was one of my mates, I need to get a grip."

The fan favourite casually chatted about his pending fatherhood with sister Sophie on the C4 show's return.

The Blackpool siblings returned to the show as Sophie asked her big brother how felt about becoming a husband.

"Do you feel any different now that you've got engaged?" she asked the 26-year-old.

He replied "Yeah, I think. I feel like an even bigger responsibility. I don't know why. I'm going to have a wife."

"Yes, you're going to have a wife," Sophie agreed.

Sophie wanted to know who he would choose as his best man.

"Well it's going to be my best wo-man, isn't it?" Pete told her. "It will be you."

"Correct. "Course it will! I'll not be wearing a tux, I'll be wearing my own dress," Sophie clarified.

Pete protested: "Woah! You're going to have to wear a suit."

"I'm not going to be wearing a friggin' suit," she replied.

When Pete asked why she refused to wear the suit, Sophie explained: "No way am I… listen! Right, actually I know your mates, I'm not copying any of them. I'll bring me own!"

Until recently Pete had kept quiet about his love life, and only posted a cute picture of his gorgeous girlfriend on his social media in October.

Pete seems to have confirmed that he has been with Paige for a while now.

In his picture caption, Pete said: “This was taken last year FYI.”

According to her social media, Paige graduated from Queen Mary University of London in 2019 with a degree in English language and linguistics.

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