GMB fans ‘switch off’ as Ben Shephard and Charlotte host Christmas segment

Good Morning Britain claimed they 'switched off' the hit ITV breakfast show today after a bizarre Christmas segment was aired.

As the show kicked off on Friday morning, fans were greeted with presenters Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins pulling out his and hers Santa hats.

Smiling, Ben, 45, said: "More importantly we are starting to think about Christmas.

"The big news is mince pies have started to be sold in the supermarkets."

Rocking a sparkly Mrs Claus hat, Charlotte added: "It's not that far away.

"I do not want to scare you but it's 112 days to Christmas. It's nice that everyone is getting into the spirit of it.

"We need something to look forward to this year I think don't we."

Agreeing, Ben added: "Lockdown was made for Christmas."

Despite the segment being intended as an injection of lighthearted fun during the show, many viewers were left far from impressed.

One viewer tweeted: "I had to switch channels GMB as I find Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins so annoying."

While another added: "Yup, this is precisely the time I switched off."

Another third chimed in: "Don’t worry Piers is back on Monday."

While a fourth raged: "What a load of s**** this program has become.

"No wonder GMB can never win any awards, very hard to watch a decent presenter like Charlotte have to lower herself to the bungling Ben standard.

"Come on GMB lots of news stories out there we need to see."

Ben Shephard baffled fans as he returned to this show yesterday, despite recently announcing a break to focus on fellow ITV show Tipping point.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am

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