'Gilmore Girls': 3 Things Amy Sherman-Palladino Should Have Explained in 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'

While Gilmore Girls fans wait, at the edge of theirseats, for word of a second revival, they still have some questions about thefirst revival season.  Gilmore Girls:A Year in the Life spent eight hours delving into the lives of StarsHollow’s most famous residents, Rory Gilmore and her mother Lorelai Gilmore,but three key questions were never answered. Could the first revival have tiedup the series better if AmySherman-Palladino had delved into the character’s lives over the decadethey were away from the screen?

How did Rory and Logan start their situationship?

When fans meet up with Rory after a nine-year hiatus, she’sheavily involved in an affair with her engaged ex-boyfriend. While Rory’sbehavior stymied many fans, it’s actually par for the course. Rory also rekindledher relationship with Dean Forrester once he was married. Rory, for better orworse, seemed to have a pretty strong case of FOMO.She only seemed to want the men in her life when it was clear she couldn’t havethem any longer.

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What is never mentioned, however, is how the former couple’ssituationship started. Had Rory and Logan Huntzberger been sleeping togetherfor the entirety of the last nine years? Did they rekindle something afterLogan found the faceless Odette? There are so many questions and very fewanswers. Fans who are firmly planted in the TeamLogan camp will argue that the pair is meant to be, but finding out how thetwo ended up back in a sexual relationship, while seriouslyinvolved with other people, may help fans solidify their feelings a bit.

Rory’s career is never explained

LukeDanes may have been proud of Rory’s one massive byline, but by journalisticstandards, one major byline in nine years suggests you are doing something verywrong. Over the course of the revival, fans watched Rory struggle to figure outwhat she’d like to do with her life. Still, at 32-years-old, with an Ivy Leagueeducation, she probably should have had that figured out already, or, at thevery least, have had a steady gig so she could pay to keep her underwear in anapartment.

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Sherman-Palladino never delved into what Rory had been doingfor the nine years between Gilmore Girls and Gilmore Girls: A Year inthe Life. Are fans to believe that Rory spent a decade freelancing withoutamassing a vast portfolio of high-profile stories? If she only had a few notablebylines, how exactly did she pay the rent on her Brooklyn pad, no matter how dilapidatedit was? Delving into what Rory was up to for nine years, even in a quick recap,could have quickly answered those questions.

TheAtlantic points out that perhaps,Rory was a bad journalist. That likely was true. After all, MitchumHuntzberger called it years ago. Even if that was the case, a bit of anexplanation seems necessary.  

How did Luke and Lorelai end up living together without evergetting married?

Luke and Lorelai’s relationship was a massive storyline in GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life, but fans are still left to question how the pairgot from point A to point B. When fans left Lukeand Lorelai back in 2007, they had finally figured out they wanted to betogether again, but Sherman-Palladino never explained how that relationship progressed.

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Fans were left to figure out how the pair managed to get backtogether, move in together, and form a life together without ever discussing marriageand children again. Marriage and having kids was a major story arc during the couple’sfirst romance, so how did they end up several years into a new relationship withoutthe topic ever coming up again?

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