Geordie OG star Gaz Beadle rules out having any more kids with fiance Emma McVey after ‘hell with two’ – The Sun

GEORDIE OG's star Gaz Beadle has ruled out having any more kids with finance Emma McVey.

The former ladies' man reckons he already has his hands full with Chester, two, and four-month-old Primrose.

The reality TV star, 31, told The Sun: "Two is hard enough. I think if you asked us before we may have said three but that was before we realised how hard it is.

"If we had two boys or two girls then maybe it would be different but we have one of each which is perfect.

"They are a nice age gap so I think we have both agreed we are done."

The last few months have been "hell" for both Gaz and Emma due to Primrose being in and out of hospital since birth, as doctors struggled to work out why she was suffering from stomach issues.

It forced the loved-up couple to postpone their wedding until 2022, but Gaz insists they are stronger than ever.

He said: "It has been hell at times, we barely spend any quality time together but it has made us stronger.

"You realise if we can get through having two kids under two with acid reflux and colic and spending days and nights in and out of hospital we can get through anything.

"I have so much love, respect and admiration for Emma. There’s been times I’ve looked over to her in the hospital and just been amazed by how she has cope. If anything it has made me love her more."

The Geordie Shore party animal once boasted he had bed over 1000 women but his life, and his Instagram DM box, has changed dramatically in recent years.

He said: "My life couldn't be more different.

"My DM’s have changed dramatically I can tell you that. It’s gone from mum’s wanting to shag me to mums and dads talking about colic, acid reflux, nappies, and bath toys.

"I had ten-years of partying and doing whatever I wanted. I was so used to life being all about me then I had a baby and quickly realised life wasn’t about me anymore. It was hard at first to adjust if I’m being honest. I was 30-years-old and still going to student nights. Then I had a kid and my whole life changed. He’s my little best mate. It’s the hardest but best thing to ever happen to me. "

However, the former party animal doesn't have any regrets about his wild past.

"It is just like going to uni the only difference is our mad days were all captured on camera," he said.

"Everything I did when I was young and crazy made me get to thirty and want to settle down and have a kid. I don’t regret anything. It worked perfectly. I got it out of my system."

But Gaz confessed he wouldn't want daughter Primrose going on Geordie Shore when she gets older.
He added: "I couldn’t really say anything to either of them about going on Geordie Shore, could I? But I would try and give them other options, especially Primrose.

"I have worked hard so they hopefully wouldn't need to do reality TV. I would like them to go to uni or something."

Geordie OGs continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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