Gemma Collins has banned crushed velvet furniture from new £1.3m home and says it's 'all pink' instead

GEMMA Collins moved into her dream home this year and is very adamant about her interior design – no crushed velvet.

The self-confessed diva, 40, bought her "dream home" in January after her previous house sale fell through back in April 2020.

Gemma has dubbed the Essex mansion the "GC Palace" and said it "marks a major new beginning for me".

Speaking on her podcast, she described the house as her "sanctuary" because it is a "place of tranquility and fabulousness".

But what makes it so fabulous is that Gemma has completely banned crushed velvet and decked the home out in her favourite colour.

"Everything is pink. It has been taken over with pink things," she said.

"I don’t take inspiration from other celebrity homes. In a home you have to have your own stuff around you.

"There’s no crushed velvet Everyone seems to have crushed velvetI did put my foot down.

"There is not one in the GC palace."

The GC also revealed some other design ideas she had for her new home, including "black and white pictures… lovely memories when I was a child with my parents".

She added: "Obviously nearly losing my dad this year… You realise how precious those moments are."

The Towie star snapped up the glass-fronted, open plan home for an eye-watering £1.3million after boosting her earnings in lockdown thanks to a lucrative clothing brand and solo reality TV series.

The house boasts high ceilings supported by wooden beams, a spectacular spiral light feature, and dozens of windows including floor to ceiling glass windows that let in plenty of light.

While Gemma's been transforming her new pad, she's also been busy fighting back trolls on the internet.

Earlier this month she hit back at fan who accused her of lying about lip fillers.

She insisted: "I’ve had it all dissolved."

The comments came after warned reality stars to stop "pumping up their lips and cheeks" with fillers as it looks "bizarre".

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