Furious Joe Exotic claims he's been 'KIDNAPPED' as he demands he's released from prison in new audio

TIGER King star Joe Exotic is on the rampage again in exclusive audio obtained by Sun Online.

The jailed star of the hit Netflix show is pleading for a presidential pardon and details his plans to become a die-hard civil rights activist.

Speaking from Fort Worth Medical Center, Texas, where he's being held, Exotic voices his desire to fight for criminal justice reform while lambasting the US Attorney’s office and federal agents.

The 58-year-old reality star also labels his own 22-year sentence in the murder-for-hire plot of big cat rival Carole Baskin as “a black cloud over our entire justice system in America.”

The former zookeeper adds that his conviction should make leaders feel “ashamed” for “kidnapping me for a political agenda to only end (the keeping of) big cats in America.”

Exotic recorded his rant for The Social Media Superstar Awards (SMSA) after his Netflix show won an award in the Entertainment Category.

In the three-minute diatribe, which will be partly featured in Thursday’s virtual event ceremony, Exotic excuses himself of any wrongdoing during the past two decades.

Despite a conviction for shooting tigers dead, he insists that he has “compassion” for animals, the sick, children, homeless and wrongly convicted offenders.

Exotic thanked the "millions of people around the world" who backed Tiger King and saw him for who he is.

"The real guy who has compassion and love for zoo animals, for the homeless, and for the sick, but most of all for humanity as a whole," he said.

“What has been done to me puts a black cloud over our entire justice system in America and our leaders of this great country should be ashamed that our own Department of Justice can take part in kidnapping me for a political agenda to only end big cats in America.

“I intend to use my new platform to speak for justice and prison reform and speak for the thousands of men and women in this country who have been wrongfully convicted or over sentenced in this country for simply no reason other than for profit."

Exotic branded his conviction a "conspiracy" and an "obstruction of justice" and something only President Joe Biden can make right.

He went on to thank his husband Dillon for "standing by me" and thanked the "millions of fans around the globe who kept my name alive in the name of justice". 

He added: "To all of the people in the streets of America trying to end racism; slavery is very much alive in America, folks. It is camouflaged by prison walls. The colored and the poor cannot afford a defense and are being kidnapped to work for nine dollars a month for political gain.

"Please ask President Biden to make history and sign every pardon on his desk and every compassionate release at the beginning of his term, not at the end."

Exotic was found guilty in 2019 for paying 'hitman' Allen Glover $3,000 to kill Baskin and for killing tigers to make room for more big cats at his exotic animal park. 

He has always maintained his innocence and Team Tiger, a group of lawyers and supporters, is working behind the scenes for his release.

Exotic gave his latest speech as Tiger King won the SMSA Entertainment Category beating Disney’s The Mandalorian, Bridgerton, Warner Brothers' Wonder Woman and Warner Music's Dua Lipa 2054 Event.

Ross King, MBE will host the virtual event created by The Brand Ambassador and PRrppd in collaboration with The British American Business Council LA and supported by BABC San Francisco.

Exotic’s message will air on Vimeo and Instagram Live virtually on Thursday.

The event is sponsored by Investcloud, SafetySpect and Zadig and Voltaire.

For more information visit www.socialmediasuperstarawards.com

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